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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by LandDownUnder
Hello all

I'm travelling around the North-East United States for the following month. At irregular intervals, I'll post recounts of my adventures and recounts of unusual events that have my interest, being an overseas visitor. I'm hoping to use this thread as an index to the recounts and photographs I'll post on the various forums on Railroad.net. That's ok with you Mods? :-)

My first two recounts detail the two occasions I've caught the New Jersey Transit ACL service and have been faced with delays on both occasions, delays that back home, I would never have encountered or experience.

Thursday 20th July 2006

ACL Delays at Delaware River bridge

Saturday 22nd Jule 2006

ACL Delays at Cherry Hill - Train almost caught in flood!

I plan further travels on the North-East on Amtrak. Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, Boston are a few destinations on the agenda. I'm sure I'll have many adventures along the way :wink:


  by LandDownUnder
Hey all

The following are photographs and a short recount of my visit to Scranton, PA, yesterday.

Tuesday 1st August 2006

Photos: Hey there Big Boy!


(Lots of) Photos: Steamtown Historical Park, Scranton, PA


  by David Benton
Hi ,
Yes its find to document your trip here . thanks .

  by LandDownUnder
Hey all

Over the past and coming weeks, I've been posting up samples of the many photographs I took while recently vacationing in the North-Eastern United States.

I really must say, it was quite an adventure, and become more than just a vacation! Alot of mileage covered, alot of trains photographed, alot of cities visited, but most importantly, alot of wonderful (And sometimes, perculiar) experiences along the way!

Photos: A trip out to Montauk - 08/08/06

Photos: Visiting the NYC Subway

Photos: An hour in Trenton, NJ

Photos: Baltimore Penn Station

Photos: New York Penn Station

Photos: New York Penn Station

Photos: Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Photos: San Francisco Cable Cars
http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 832#308832

Many more photographs (And some video) are to follow...
  by Dakguy201
Greatly enjoyed your account of your travels.

A pity you apparently did not have the time to take AMTRAK to Chicago and then on to one of the West Coast cities. While it is probably not up to your Aussie standards for train travel, it is a fine way to see the variety of America.

Was a little surprised people would confuse you with a Brit. To me, the two accents are pretty distinct, as is vocabulary.