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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by alex45
Today I went to Boston today on Train 2290. But before my train came in I saw 2 other regionals. I saw a southbound at 10:20 goin to Washington, Then a regional at 10:26. My train arrived in Providence 15 mins early. Once the train left, we sped up very quickly. At one point, we hit 150mph. I have a video that im uploading at the moment. On the way there, I saw, 3 commuter rails, and an Acela Express. The only thing that made me angry was the Cafe Service, I asked for a water, the guy says, im closed. I said fine. Then some lady comes up and asks for a sprite, same answer. She said, can I at least have a glass of water? He gives her a glass of water and gives me nothing! Then once I got to South Station, I rode the MBTA Greenline. Nothin really else to report. I rode train 165 back home to Providence, arrived 10 mins early. I saw a commuter rail in the station. Once my video gets uploaded ill give u guys a link.