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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by CSRR573
Hey NY state railfans, Big B&M/MEC railfan here being sent to Albany in June for some Amtrak Training. Ill be in downtown Albany for 2 weeks in June. What are some of the railroad related places you guys recommend to visit in the area? Im open for anything!
  by Benjamin Maggi
I would suggest you check out CSX's water level route as it is a high-frequency mainline. Excellent areas to view it are in Amsterdam, NY, which is a little west of Albany.
  by twropr
The Burdeck St. crossing in South Schenectady (Rotterdam) where the former D&H passes underneath CSX's Selkirk Sub. It is the first exit from I-690 west beyond the big GE plant on the left. Also in that area there is an overhead bridge (NY 156 I think) that is great for shots of the Selkirk Branch - particularly eastbounds during the evening.
  by lvrr325
  by Railjunkie
Voorheesville aka VO. At one time there was a diamond there some of the track is still visible. The D&H Albany main has been turned into a walking /biking path. Plenty of parking a few picnic tables, just bring your bug dope if your going at night. The B&M, as a kid of the late 70s early 80 plenty of good spots in the Cresent, Half Moon, Clifton Park area. But with all the development of the past 40ish years Im sure most of those spots are now someones back yard
  by Engineer Spike
Most of the places mentioned are good for nonstop action. The OP said that he is a B&M fan. If he's that into it, then a scanner is likely part of his arsenal. With that said, XO in Mechanicville could be a fruitful place, if it is times to busy times for D&H and also NS?Guilford traffic.