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[quote="At 11:48 PM AKST on Nov 2, 2014 In an article entitled "Alaska Railroad Releases Annual Print", Marissa Silver of the YourAlaskaLink.com staff"]

Alaska Railroad Releases Annual Print

Anchorage, AK - It's been a tradition for some for decades, the annual Alaska Railroad poster and print art design.

On Saturday in Anchorage, the artist for this year's design, Dawn Gerety, signed copies of her work which is titled "Whittier Surprise".

And she said the impact of the experience was something she did not expect.

"I didn't realize it is such a collector's item, a majority of the people who have come through today are loyal (to Alaska) and/or the Railroad, they have limited edition prints that were made, so people are coming in and requesting the same number that they've been collecting every year, so that's pretty fascinating to me, I didn't realize how much of a collector's item this is," said Dawn Gerety who is the Artist who designed this year's Alaska Railroad Print.[/quote]

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If you're interested in the print, see it in the ARR's "Gift Shop"

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