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  by matt1168
This weekend, one leg of my trip will bring me from Fulton St. to 161 St./Yankee Stadium via the #4 train. I have already established that the 4 train will only be running from Brooklyn Bridge.

My question:
Now, somebody is also telling me that the 4 train will be running local up Lexington and that the 6 train will not be running at all. Is this true? I don't see anything about it on the MTA website, but I'm so confused!

Thanks in advance,

  by arrow
I don't see anything about that for this weekend. Just take the 4 and you should be fine.

  by matt1168
Thanks for the suggestion, but I've decided to switch it up a bit, for some variety and in case there really is no service; I don't want to screw up. In case anybody cares:

-PATH from Newark to WTC
-E from WTC to 7th Av.
-D from 7th Av. to 161/Yankees

Looking forward to the train, the game (with a beer and a hot dog to compliment it), and then possibly some railfanning in Hoboken afterwards. (I smell a first time for the HBLR coming up :wink: )