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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by lvrr325
Binghamton was okay; sales a tad below average but the weather was really nice and the crowd dropped off about one.

Camillus was very good, high sales, attendance steady through the day. Only it's second year so I can't say what averages will be but I hope they stay in this range. Weather was never terrible but the rain and awful they predicted never really hit until late afternoon as the show ended.
LVRR and Everyone:

Does anyone at the NYS Railfan Forum belong to the Key, Lock and Lantern group?

They have their 2019 Convention scheduled for May 3-4-5 (Friday thru Sunday) in Scranton, PA.

I found out about this event thru fellow Long Island Sunrise Trail-NRHS members that attend the
KL&L show each year - and thanks to their very informative website showing the types of various
railroadiana that members have on display or for sale/trade.

http://www.klnl.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
http://www.klnl.org/pgConvention.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Are there any listed Upstate New York shows that primarily are for railroadiana? MACTRAXX
  by lvrr325
I'm not aware of any shows that are primarily railroadiana other than the one you've mentioned. A number of regular dealers carry a selection of it; a few specialize, but there's probably not enough for an exclusive show.

I've done shows in Scranton in that ballroom. Bring a flashlight.
  by Old & Weary
The Batavia Train Show is this Sunday, 3/31/19, at the Richard C. Call Center located on the Northwest corner of the Genesee Community College parking lot. Over 230 tables! Hours are 9:30 to 3:30 . Details, map and photos at http://www.GSME.org" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;.
  by lvrr325
Getting down to the end, Batavia is the next to last show I do until fall and the last in WNY. I typically blow stuff out at Amsterdam and then put a ton of things on eBay so if you see it, buy it.
  by lvrr325
What a strange show.

1500+ through the door, busy early, moderate flow up to the last hour, lots of people with bags, some I could tell were $100+ bags, and I didn't sell hardly a dang thing, just enough to pay for the table. Over 20 years of shows and never have had that happen before, every once in a while a show is a real stinker but usually it's because of poor attendance and everyone does bad. If I didn't know better I'd think someone cast a bad luck spell on me.

I certainly can't fault GSME in any way, they put on a great show, are above and beyond helpful, the people certainly were there, just for whatever reason didn't like what I had out this week. I do have a good flip piece for the internet that will put me ahead, so it's not all bad, it's just puzzling for me, you always wonder what was so wrong when a show that normally is good for 10-15 sales you get three.
  by lvrr325
By the way, here is a very tentative fall preview listing. Anything not marked confirmed is a best guess subject to change, I will start a new thread when I'm close to a final listing probably in August. Some of these guys won't update until a month or so before their events. I'm also going to make the schedule as a jpg I can watermark since I see some guys borrowing it which is fine, without credit which is not.

I think though I am safe on most of these predictions save December which is screwed up because it begins on a Sunday, it frees up a weekend as RIT has to move to being technically two weeks after GTE. My guess is TTCS does the first and the TCA show if they're smart holds to the 8th as they'll have no competition for vendors that day. But who knows. Glens Falls could go the 7th or 14th, I don't see where it competes for vendors or attendance. Broadway Market, also who knows what they do, I think they could run against RIT and not hurt anything if they don't want to be the last weekend before Christmas. Some of these TTCS shows are subject to the whim of the venue, too.

9/7-9/8 - Clayton - Thousand Islands Model Train Show CONFIRMED FLYER
9/7-9/8 - Buffalo - Buffalo Central Terminal Train Show
9/21-9/22 - Massena - Train, Toy and Collectible Expo, Massena Arena

10/TBD - Buffalo (Depew) - TTCS Buffalo Falling Leaves Train Show, Polish Falcons (likely 13th)
10/TBD - Olean - TTCS Autumn In The Southern Tier Train Show, Olean Intermediate-Middle School (likely 20th)
10/27 - Kingston - Kingston Model Train & Hobby Show, Murphy Midtown Center
10/27 - Scranton, PA - 71st Scranton Model Train Show, Lackawanna Station Hotel
10/27 - Buffalo - Trainorama - Pvt. Leonard Post, Cheektowaga CONFRIMED FLYER

11/2-11/3 - Syracuse - CNY NRHS Great New York State Model Train Fair, NYS Fairgrounds CONFIRMED WEB
11/9-11/10 - Fulton - Oswego Valley Model Railroad Club annual show, Fulton War Memorial (Flyer not in front of me but believe this correct, they had flyers out at Eastwood)

11/9 - Binghamton - Binghamton Regional Train Show
11/10 - Batavia - Great Batavia Train Show, Genesee Community College CONFIRMED VIA FLYER
11/10 - Poughkeepsie - Hyde Park Station 47th Annual Train & Hobby Show, Mid Hudson Civic Center
11/16 - Albany - Albany Train Show, Polish Community Center
11/16-11/17 - Hamburg - WNYRHS 39th Greater Buffalo Train & Toy Show, Erie County Fairgrounds
11/23 - Norwich - Bull Thistle Model Railroad Society Annual Train Show, Broad Street Methodist Church
11/24 - Rochester - TTCS Rochester Thanksgiving Train Show, Radisson Hotel Rochester Airport CONFIRMED VIA WEBSITE

12/1 - Albany - Great Train Extravaganza, Empire Expo Center CONFIRMED WEB
TBD - N. Tonowanda - TTCS Trains In The Tonwandas show, Knights Of Columbus
12/7 - S. Glens Falls - Upstate Railroad Modelers Train Show
12/14-12/15 - Rochester - 12th Annual RIT Tiger Tracks Train Show, Gordon Field House CONFIRMED FLYER
12/21-12-22 - Buffalo - Broadway Market Train Show
  by lvrr325
Reminder for April 7th -

Rails Along the Mohawk in Amsterdam and the TTCS Spring Into Summer show in North Tonowanda.

TTCS will be the usual crew of WNY vendors, Rails gets just about an entirely different circle with guys coming in from as far away as Massachusetts and northern New Jersey.
  by lvrr325
Amsterdam was pretty good today. Crowd seemed normal, sales went well. Despite the very nice weather.

Also, I actually have one update for this year, one show I left out due to lack of information.

Funtrak *IS* doing their Valley Rail Sights show in Ilion, same dates as Lockport, April 27-28 (probably moved out a week due to Easter). In the Masonic Temple, 118 Morgan St. The only advertising seems to be flyers handed out in Amsterdam, I can't find anything online anywhere, but I did see the flyer myself.
  by lvrr325
One reminder for this weekend, Lockport TTCS/NOME show and the Funtrak Valley Rail Sights in Ilion are both coming up.

Advertising for the latter still non-existent, can't find anything online whatsoever.

Lockport has been well advertised with flyers, web presence and so forth.

If you go to either one, enjoy them, that's really it until September.
  by lvrr325
Sure is perfect weather for a train show this weekend.

I did find one independent confirmation of Funtrak on the WIBX 950 website.
  by Otto Vondrak
Sunday, June 2
Buffalo Marriott Niagara
1340 Millersport Hwy, Amherst, NY

https://www.facebook.com/events/1048266445353873/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I am hosting a small train show on Sunday as part of the 2019 New York Central System Historical Society Annual Convention. Trains, books, antiques, lanterns, t-shirts, collectibles, and more for sale. No model railroad displays. Show is open from 10am to 3pm. Admission is FREE and open to the public. Hope to see you there!

  by thebigham
The Olean train show is tomorrow, Oct. 6. Olean Middle School.
  by lvrr325
Probably should mention that in the fall listing I posted, not this one. This one should be locked.