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  by shlustig
Located on the Monongah Division between Grafton and Parkersburg, 60 miles west of Grafton. Single-track with TCS rules.

At about 6:30AM Train #31 ("National Limited") with 4 units (F7, 2GP-9's, E8) and 5 cars [1 bag, 1 combine, 2 coaches, 1 Pullman-Obs) at 43 mph on a [email protected] just before a bridge over the North Fork of the Hughes River.

Outside rail on the curve overturned and entire consist derailed. Engines and head 2 cars remained upright and inline, 2 coaches overturned, rear car went down a 35' embankment and into the river. 4 fatalities and 50 reported injuries.

Speed limit on the curve was 45 mph. FRA Report faulted the B&O for failure to maintain the track for the speed limit.
  by hutton_switch
One of the volumes in the Morning Sun Books all-color photo series books by Bob Withers contains photos taken by him of this accident.
  by D Alex
I know that by 1967, passenger rail was seriously degraded, but I'm a little surprised at the rather motley collection of locomotives that B&O used. I thought that at least they tried to keep appearances up.