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  by shlustig
Located on the Maryland Division; Interlocking rules apply at this location.

At about 11:30PM Train #457 (Eng. 3677 with 5 head-end, 5 coaches, and 1 sleeper) en route to the Del-Mar-Va line stopped in accordance with signal indication to await the addition of some cars to the rear of the train.

EXTRA 5193 SOUTH with Eng. 5193 facing North and shoving 2 occupied coaches which were the add-ons to #457 proceeded on a "Restricting" signal at about 20 mph. The 5193 did not have a communication whistle. The Conductor had not positioned the back-up hose within his reach at the end of the vestibule platform, and his vision was partially obscured by the headlight of an opposing train. When he observed the rear-end of #457 there was insufficient room to stop.

2 cars were derailed, and both locomotives and tenders and 10 cars were damaged; no fatalities, but 101 reported injuries.