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  by shlustig
Located on the Conemaugh Division; double-track with current of traffic; MBS rules, no ABS or cab signals.

13.6 mile block between FD and MH. EXTRA 3572 NORTH entered the block and stopped short of MH to do some switching.

EXTRA 4580 NORTH (32 cars + caboose) received a train order involving track conditions at FD, and the operator mistakenly displayed a "Clear Block" Signal at FD. It reduced speed from 40 +/- mph to about 30 mph in accordance with the "Approach" signal to MH, entered a right-hand curve, acknowledged flagman's signals (2 torpedoes + fusee), but had insufficient distance to stop. Eng. 4580 and 5 cars were derailed; engineer was killed and fireman injured.