• 1947 Friendship Train

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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by Gilbert B Norman
I had vaguely heard of this 1947 European relief initiative sponsored by various media interests. The most notable sponsors were columnist Drew Pearson and Hollywood's Jack Warner.

Turner Classic aired a "short" regarding this train last evening, which prompted me to do a little web research regarding the effort. It appears the train was routed LA-SP (San Joaquin to Overland)-Ogden-UP-CoB-CNW-Chi-PRR-NY.

Here are some results:

http://www.ameshistoricalsociety.org/ex ... _train.htm

http://www.ena.lu/europe/19451949-pione ... n-1947.htm

http://cdm.lib.uiowa.edu/cdm4/item_view ... =155&REC=2