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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by BostonUrbEx
Today was the first day of cleanup at the site for Wynn's casino in Everett. A while back, I heard PAR and CSX were seeking to haul the contaminated dirt. Anyone know if it will happen and who will be getting the traffic?
  by NYC27
They are going to remediate most material on site now. Only a small % Is really bad and will have to move to distant landfills. There may still be a role for rail for the non-hazardous soils because of the amount of material coming out. There is some debate as to whether CSX, PAR or both have access to the site.
  by johnpbarlow
Will an MBTA station be built adjacent to the Everett casino?
  by The EGE
Nope. Grades are too high coming off the bridge to safely put a CR station at Horizon Way, even with DMUs. Urban Ring would definitely get a station there - light rail or bus has a low shorter start/stop distance - but that's a long way off.
  by F-line to Dudley via Park
johnpbarlow wrote:Will an MBTA station be built adjacent to the Everett casino?
Nope. Although a bus on the new Silver Line Gateway busway could easily turn out at the last stop at Mystic Mall in Chelsea, go through the Mall back lot, turn down relatively uncongested Beacham St., and hit Broadway in Everett 3 blocks away from the casino main entrance...making brisk time. That may ultimately be what the door-to-door casino transit of choice becomes from downtown, since it would be a free transfer from Red to Silver at South Station. For others, there's such a thick net of adjacent buses out of Sullivan Sq. and Wellington nobody's at a loss for hyper-frequent two-seaters from multiple Orange Line stops...and that's even before considering what shuttle buses Wynn Resorts ends up running itself out of Wellington, Assembly, Sullivan, and/or North Station.

There won't ever be a commuter rail stop there. The grades off the Everett approach of the Mystic River bridge are among the Top 3 steepest on the commuter rail system, and the Eastern Route is a freight clearance route until the Everett Terminal jobs turn out at Everett Jct. just after the grade. So you'd have a mini-high only, awkwardly sloped CR platform that may not adequately meet all safety guidelines given the compromised braking distance and sightlines for outbound trains coming off the superelevated curve in the middle of the bridge and low platforms giving too much leeway to wander into the track area. Whether 'legal' or not, the T would be rightfully skittish enough of the design compromises required to site it right at the casino's backdoor that there'd be extreme reluctance to ever build. And unfortunately the next-nearest site where full-high platforms could be built at level grade is at Santilli Circle between the Everett Jct. switch and the curve (i.e. Charlton/Bowdoin St.'s). A few blocks too far from the casino and few blocks too close to Wellington to be an adequate ridership catchment.

You'll have to wait until the day they ever build the Urban Ring's Lechmere-Chelsea-Logan quadrant as light rail before ever getting a true one-seat train trip that lets off within 50 paces of the casino entrance. Fortunately between Orange, the Wellington/Sullivan buses, and that pending SL Gateway project the area is saturated by a very thick net of pre-existing transit coverage. It's very easy to get to, and probably will have those dedicated Wynn shuttles running at peak gaming hours to Orange and NS ferrying the out-of-towners who don't want to take a Yellow Line bus.
  by StefanW
In case people didn't see it... there is activity at the site.

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  by StefanW
20 hopper cars filled with mostly dirt (one with all wood) are there now. That's basically the entire track filled, all the way from the bunter to the derail.
  by StefanW
Right now (2016-08-31 9AM) there's a crew at the very north end of the Chelsea run-around. They have taken up the bunter, and it looks like they are laying down new track panels to extend the overall length of the end. I'm betting it's to allow for a pair of locomotives to be able to run around. Up to this point the track north of the switch appeared to be only long enough for one unit.

This is the spot:
https://goo.gl/maps/dCU27V4xQbA2" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by GP40MC1118
Track to be extended right up to 2nd Street.

  by hh660
Where, exactly, is the site in Everett?
  by 161pw165
Bordered by Horizon St to the NE; Broadway to the SE; the Mystic River to the SW; and the 'T' to the NW.
  by BandA
Where is the dirty-dirt being sent to? How thorough is the cleanup? Wherever it is being sent will have to be cleaned up in a few generations.
  by StefanW
GP40MC1118 wrote:Track to be extended right up to 2nd Street.
Looks like they are done with the work - bunter is installed and new track ballasted - but the additional length looks only to be about 50'... maybe slightly more. It seems like it's only been lengthened by one car length.
  by PhantomEngineer
Track was extended to allow the dirt train to have 3 engines on it eventually.