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  by MBTA3247
I was in Montreal the other day and saw an unusual move by the Pointe St. Charles Yard. At 2:50PM a Via train with 4 LRC coaches and an F40 headed past the yard, locomotive first, and across the Victoria Bridge. Five minutes later, the same train returned, now heading backwards, and turned to head towards Central Station. I'm not sure if this was also the same train I had seen around 2:45PM heading west from the west end of the yard (I have no photos of that train, nor do I know which track it had approached the yard on).

Was this a corridor train between Montreal and points west being wyed, and if so which one? Via's online timetables aren't proving to be helpful.
  by mdvle
Can't help with Montreal knowledge, but I would guess that you were correct in that it was an Ottawa or Toronto train being wyed (the new trains that are on order are specified as bi-directional to eliminate the need for reversing the trains).

As for which train it was, I can recall that VIA's trains used to idle in Toronto for long periods of time prior to departure so if looking at a timetable don't necessarily expect the train to be in a short time period after sighting.
A common move in Montreal and could be any train. For example, a train from Quebec City continuing onto Ottawa will arrive in Gare Central with the locomotive leading. Departing….it will back out to the Victoria Bridge (it doesn’t actually cross the bridge…just far enough to clear the points)….then pull through the connecting track to rejoin the mainline and continue onto Dorval and west.


There’s also equipment moves happening here to and from the MMC (Montreal Maintenance Centre)