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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by PearlJam1221
I have a big interest in world war 2 and i would like to know if theres maybe a major book illustrating and describing the military railroads both in the US and in europe during world war 2. thanks!
  by RailVet
"Steel Rails to Victory" by Ron Ziel is probably what you're looking for. If you do a Google search you'll quickly find sellers online.

  by simtech06

You might also want to look for " United States Military Railway Service, Americas Solider in WW II" by Don DeNevi and Bob Hall it has a good balance of text and pictures. If you are really skilled at looking for old books you might want to try and hunt down "Railroading in Eighteen Countries" By Carly R Gray Jr.

Hope this helps


  by bengt
Some very good books with many good pictures are
"Reichsbahn hinter der Ostfront 1941 - 1944" by Andreas Knipping/ Reinhard Schulz, ISBN 3-613-71101-x.

"Eisenbahnen zwischen Ostfront und Atlantikwall 1939 - 1945" by Andreas Knipping/ Reinhard Schulz, ISBN 3-613-71193-1.

"Die Panzerzüge des Deutschen Reiches 1904 - 1945" by Wolfgang Sawodny ISBN 3-88255-678-1
  by scharnhorst
info on the rail net works in Europe is going to be hard. Many of the railroads were destroyed and rebuilt by both parties. The Nazis had a hell of a time in the Soviet Union because the Soviet rail network is 5 foot gage and still is today. The German army found out fast when they had to waste time and money to re-gage every rail and switch only to have a vary active resistance groups destroying everything behind them. I my self spent some time researching the war with in the Eastern Front and did some interviews with some of the former partisans fighters and retired Military troops in Ukraine. I also took some time at the National Archives and took well over 286 photos of some of the equipment used at the Great Patriotic War Museum in Kiev, Ukraine. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday 10a.m. to I believe 6p.m. if I'm not mistaken. There is a 20.00$ fee at the door to the main building and 5.00 or 10.00 bucks to get into the grounds to view the tanks, artillery pieces, trucks, and Railroad guns on display. To view the national arcives you have to make arrangement ahead of time and need an interpreter which will run you about $20.00 U.S. dollars an hour. As for wondering around the country side get a vary good map and have at it Copys of Nazi Occupation maps are avalable from most street side tourist huts along side the street near Independence square or near St. Andrews Church in Kiev. Maps will run between $30.00 and $110.00 U.S. Dollars and are vary well detailed.
  by TB Diamond
Here is a listing of some books about WWII European rail operations:

Armored Trains of the Soviet Union 1917-1945 by Wilfried Kopenhagen
German Armored Trains on the Russian Front 1941-1945 by Wolfgang Sawodny
German Armored Trains In WWII by Wolfgang Sawodny
The German National Railway in World War II by Janusz Piekalkiewiez

All are currently available.