• Wrongfully fired it appears (CN).

  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by Brakey
I guess I don't see what is wrong with this kind of topic? For the most part, all of us are or are close to being, adults, so I do not see why some may feel that this should not be discussed at all.

I for one think that its good to talk about this kind of subject. There might be another person who this has happened to, so maybe they now think, whew...I'm glad that I'm not the only one who this has happened to. Or like the O.P....he got great news!

I guess my major concern with this way of thinking is, why are we asking if this is an ok subject matter for the forum.....? It if all boils down to what paint scheme the next locomotive may or may not have, or did CN take over yada yada, but we can't talk about other aspects of the railroad, then what is the use of having a forum?

  by Otto Vondrak
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  by thebigc
I'm making this one a "sticky". Only to illustrate what you're up against when you're on probation and are basically an "at will" employee.

I always tell the new trainmen that I get as trainees to basically stay marked up for the first 90 days no matter what as NJ Transit, like most other carriers, has a Draconian penchant for absenteeism and will can a new hire for any occurences during probation.

  by deadhead74
Lets throw some more fuel into the fire shall we? I'm still not back to work. It appears what my union stewart told me wasnt correct. Hell for the past 2 months now I keep hearing yadda yadda they will have a conferance call tomorrow then the next day then the following week about getting the deal done. I'm beginning to doubt my union representation at this point. Sure I won my case... but did I? The company and the union are awaiting both signatures for me to come back. The union signed off... but guess what... the company is dragging there ass right and still havnt signed off. Guess they figure if I go unemployed through another holiday season, they will win the psychological battle. What I dont understand is how bad the company has our union by there nuts.

All I keep hearing about is well most people involved in your case are also involved in our 'contract' negotiation. You now what? I'm on the outside looking in... I dont give a rats ass about YOUR current contract until I have my job back.

I also noticed this has been stickied heh. Well I cant say that this happens to everyone on the railroad, but in some way everyone seems to get fired at one point in there career RRing and have to go through this. I still love being conductor, but every passing day makes me want to join the crowd of carrier bashing. How can you not after stunts like this?

  by Engineer Spike
This sounds like a violation of the Railway Labor Act. If this drags on, you should get a lawyer, who is experienced in this area. If you were over the probation area, you can't be fired without an investigation.
Don't worry! If the union does not fight this, I would look at a suit against them too. The excuse of contract negotiation is not valid. The union officials are under obligation to sort this out.
As a thank you for timely sorting this out, I would switch unions, after this is settled! [/u]

  by Pj
If you want to see some of the crazy stuff in PLB's, go here:

Its not CN, but pretty much the same everywhere. If you really go thru some of the stuff from way back when..it was nice to see that stuff that was fought really had meat, whereas now its all attendance and the such.

  by deadhead74
Well folks, its all over finally. At 1345, got the call from my union stewart saying that at 11:00 tomorrow... i need to report to sign back in to the company, take my physical and drug test. :)))) I start on monday... so from now until then (after the drug test/physical ;) im getting loaded lol. Lots of stress needing relief!

Thanks for all the words of encouragement, support, and answering of questions. I'm truely thankful for a forum like this to get information from RR veterans. Thanks all... im done with this post. I hope maybe this post will answer some questions if anyone (and I truely hope nobody ever has to go through this) has an incident like this happen.

  by SnoozerZ49
Goood News DH. I remember someone telling me that after the first day working for the railroad they spend the rest of your career trying to fire you! Glad to hear your good news

  by VITO
I know an ex DTS man in Toledo who likes the pay but hates CN compared to Detroit and Toledo Shoreline. I worked for the Railroad for 7 years or so and the big word always was INSIBORDINATION if they want to can you that what is usually was. Railroading can be fun with great money but always watch your back.

  by CTL10D

I know I`m like a year late here, sorry. I work for a Utility company in NJ (nameless for now), and the same stuff is happening here. We`ve always had a strong Union, but the company is so huge and wealthy, it seems they "play games", just to drag things out endlessly, until the union either gives up or goes broke. Theres something like 80 cases waiting to go to arbitration, that the company refuses to even try to settle before that point. The annoying thing about it is that they never come out and say this directly, but instead they dont return phone calls, fail to show up for certain meetings, and just dragggggggggg things out.
What happened to you seems way more than a union issue though, in my opinion. You should seek out some serious legal advice. That is simpy intolerable, for their pathetic mistake to cause you so much misery. Its amazing youve kept such a postive attitude. Take care -Chris