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  by cr9617
I recently acquired a large collection of prints and photos from a former employee. I haven't gone through them yet, but here are a few from the top of the pile.
  by cr9617
  by Teutobergerwald
The first photo with the 165- where & when, and what happened?
  by Nasadowsk
2nd to last one looks like the infamous 'morning after' wreck. The last one looks like the time an FL-9 decided to go for a dip in the turntable....
  by cr9617
There's no dates or info with any of the pics. The first one looks like it could be speonk.
  by scopelliti
ummm.. guys? First photo has a date in the lower right corner 4/9/98 :-D

Here is the first photo processed a little
  by SwingMan
First one is Speonk Yard, mid reconstruction into the modern configuration.

Second one was the huge derailment in Queens Interlocking from the Winter of '93.

Third is the Train vs. Crane in Huntington

Fourth is when the FL9 took a dip into the turntable in Morris Park.
  by Kelly&Kelly
Lots of memories here for those in the ranks during the era.

The last picture in the turntable pit sports a well coiffed Tom Lally, Superintendent - Jamaica, Carol Mills -Transportation Manager, Mark Sullivan - Master Mechanic/ACMO, Kenny Schultz - Road Foreman of Engines and Pat McGowan - Road Foreman of Engines/Superintendent Engine Service. All good guys. All still with us and all retired.

The Queens derailment was aggravated by the railroad's addition of top extensions to ore cars, which increased their capacity while raising the center of gravity on them, making them less stable. It was a horrendous clean-up and reconstruction operation, requiring enormous resources but one that earned the railroad and its wreck crew international acclaim.

Maybe someone can add details of the others. We worked the West End, and weren't involved directly with those.
  by 452 Card
Kelly and Kelly-
You left out Carol M. with her back to the pic.
  by scopelliti
What happened to the FL9 after this "adventure"?
  by Kelly&Kelly
I could never miss Carol Florence Mills with the bow in her hair...
  by Dump The Air
remember that SK wreck well, my father took me down to see it after it happened.
CR and Everyone:

Interesing LIRR wreck photos here...

I had never seen the 1998 Speonk MP15 #165 picture - did the unit pick a switch and was the
only equipment derailed there?

I did not know that FL9 #301 was the one that dropped into the turntable pit at Morris Park.
That was the unit that was "retired" unofficially and retained for parts for #300 and #302 am
I right? Did this happen in 1992 or 1993?

The Huntington wreck occurred on August 26, 1988 at the Park Avenue Crossing. A westbound
train terminating at Huntington hit a backhoe that bottomed out on a flatbed trailer. LIST-NRHS
"Semaphore" from either September or October 1988 had a in-depth article about this accident
and the clean-up efforts afterward.

The 1993 Queens Interlocking wreck with the ore cars was a bad one - not only due to the location
it was the significant damage to track and infrastructure that was done. Was this the beginning of
the end of the use of the ore cars - which I remember hauled soil or other waste from Queens out
to the Holtsville area for disposal? LIST-NRHS wrote again about this accident in the "Semaphore"...

A search about the 1988 Huntington wreck led me to this Newsday article:
https://www.newsday.com/long-island/tra ... 1.12938299" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
There are infamous as well as obscure mishaps covered in this overview...

  by 4behind2
The MofE freight individual who politicked for the additional height of the ore jennies also increased the speed on them , hence the demolition of Queens Interlocking.

That appears to be Oliver Straker at the far right of the FL9.