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  by ashley2771
I read recently that the world record for the longest freight train was set by BHP Iron Ore in Australia in 2001. It was pulled by 8 locomotives. Does anyone know what locomotives were used? I know GE sells locos in Australia...

  by shortlinerailroader
I am not sure what model they were (either AC60s ar AC44s), but I am confident that they were distributed in pairs throughout the train. I seem to remember reading about that myself.

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
i read about it in TRAINS, that train was HUGE, what month was it? i want to look it up again, but i don't what month it was

  by ashley2771
I think it was June or July...

  by AmtrakFan
I think it was C44-9W.


  by SRS125
Longest Fraght Train knowen to date that still holds in the guinness book of world records was in South Afrrica. Which ran Augest 26-27 1989. The train consisted of 660cars each loaded to 105 gross tons. A tankcars and a caboose, moved by 9 50kv electric and 7 diesel-electric locomotives distributed alo0ng the train. The train was 4 1/2 miles long and weighed 77,720tons excluding locomotives. It traveled a distance of 535 miles.

Longest Fraght train ran in the United States. The Longest and heaviest fraght train on record was about 4 miles in lenght. It comprised 500 coal cars with 3 3600Hp diesels pulling and 3 more in the middle. Which moved from Laeger, West Va, to Portsmouth, OH and traveled 157 miles on the Norfolk, United Kingdom and Western Railway on Nov. 15, 1967 the total weight was nearley 47,040 tons.

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
where did you get that info?

  by SRS125
Guinness Book of World Records this info has been repeating its self sents I saw it in the 1991 addtion.

As a side note I stand corrected the longest fraght train was in Australia at 600 something cars on the BHP Railway.

  by SRS125
Longest Passenger Tail ran in the U.S. was on the Alaska Railroad with a total of 60 cars in the late 80's.

  by trainmaster_1
The BHP has AC6000CW's on their roster so 8 AC6000CW's on that was had given a total of 48,000 hp for the whole train. Too much in having a sorrowful late reply into this.

  by The S.P. Caboose
The longest train I've ever seen was 200 cars long between Bakersfield and Mojave in California. As far as most locomotives it would be 17. A lumber train came down from Oregon and it was a lumber train that had 9 units on the point and 8 mid-train helpers. The helpers were cut out at the west switch in Sylmar.