Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Earle Baldwin
Just last week, I had the good fortune to acquire one of the most interesting of many, many railroad books I’ve accumulated over the years.

“Making All Stops Volume 1” is an all color review of subway operations from 1970 to 1976. Many of the images in the book were taken by legendary enthusiast and TA employee Mr. Steve Zabel. Photographs taken by others whose names will be familiar to fans of the subway are included as well. The book is generous in the breadth of its coverage as most corners of the system are represented. Pictures are generously sized – no itsy, bitsy views requiring the use of a magnifying glass here – and the color reproduction is exquisite. Unlike other all color titles which seem to suffer from poor quality control during the printing process, the images appear razor sharp and are faithful to the quality of the original slides. In addition to the photographs which are the main attraction of the book, the book features some wonderful trackside recollections of the contributors. There are also references to movies in which the system appeared as well as other aspects of popular culture at the time. To this day, every time I hear “You’re the One for Me” by James “D Train” Williams, I picture myself standing on the platform as a train of R-10s thunders into the station – great memories here.

The book is printed on very substantial paper with sturdy soft covers and robust binding. My train books see a lot of use and it’s comforting to know the book will hold up well to repetitive handling. I’ve been a railroad enthusiast since my very early days so I’ve seen, collected and traded many wonderful items – books, models, memorabilia, etc. - over the years. As a result, a new release has to possess some very special qualities in order to make it stand out above the many others I’ve seen. This book qualifies in that regard. Its combination of fascinating content, superb photographic reproduction and professional printing make the book a true treasure. In no way am I connected with the folks who publish this book; rather, I’m just a very satisfied customer who believes other fans who recall this era will find the book equally appealing.


Perhaps the best part is there's a second volume in process as seen on the website.