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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by gokeefe
Pretty amazing to read the phrase "Milepost 5" in the context of a narrow gauge railroad in Maine.

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  by elecuyer
There is also a special "virtual" ticket available for the first passenger trip to Mile Post 8 since 1933. An exclusive video will be sent to all virtual ticket holders who can not be present at this historic event.

All tickets (real and virtual) are at www.wwfry.org - click "Book Now"

All aboard the Sheepscot Valley Narrow Gauge!
  by gokeefe
RussNelson wrote:There's only a little over 3 miles of track. BUT there's a little over 3 miles of track.
Thank you for the reminder that they're using the historic mileposts from Wiscasset. Regardless I find the before operation nothing short of amazing ...

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  by elecuyer

By popular demand, we are selling the "virtual tickets" to the WW&F Mile Post 8 Excursion via our online gift shop.

This exclusive video for virtual ticket-holders (accessed via an Internet link which will be emailed to you) includes a steam-powered, narrow gauge revenue freight delivery; excursion trips to Top of the Mountain; the first public passenger train to Mile Post 8 (just south of the Trout Brook Bridge) since 1933; and the sights and sounds of locomotive #9 hauling a 3-car passenger train up the 3% grade.

Duration is 1hr 9min. Videography by Eric Schade. "Tickets" are $25.

Purchase the Virtual WW&F Ticket is at: https://giftshop.wwfry.org/product/virt ... 11?cs=true

(It can also be found at http://giftshop.wwfry.org under DVDs and Videos.)

Thanks to all who already purchased your ticket - you should have received the video link via email.
We sincerely appreciate everyone's continued support of the Sheepscot Valley Narrow Gauge.
  by elecuyer
Ride and Photograph "SR&RL #6" pulling two "red" coaches (2 & 4) from the Phillips & Rangeley RR

Duration & Times
1 hour; 11am & 1pm departures.
a 3pm departure may be added if demand warrants

About The Experience
In collaboration with Maine Narrow Gauge RR Co & Museum and Maine Locomotive & Machine Works, we are pleased to announce a special "surprise" one-day-only train featuring an all Sandy River consist. WW&F locomotive #9 will be backdated to its appearance as Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes locomotive #6. Phillips and Rangeley combine 2 and coach 3 - recently restored to their "red" livery will be on the train.

This consist has not been together since 1924, and will not be possible again (soon.)

The trip will run from Sheepscot station (97 Cross Road, Alna) to Top of the Mountain and return. Runbys are planned at Alna Center for photographers who wish to ride the train.

Fundraiser for the Narrow Gauge Collection
This event will serve as a fundraiser for the Narrow Gauge Railway Collection - now on display at the WW&F's campus. Specifically, money raised is earmarked for signage and displays to be built in the Car Barn Exhibit Hall.

All ticket sales ($25 each) will be MATCHED by Maine Narrow Gauge RR Co & Museum to provide an outstanding display area that illustrates the big story of Maine's unique little trains.

Get your tickets at: www.wwfry.org/tickets
  by Benjamin Maggi
Sounds like fun. I just wish I had more advance notice to fit it into my schedule.
  by elecuyer
Benjamin Maggi wrote: Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:14 am I just wish I had more advance notice to fit it into my schedule.
This offering was born out of necessity, which turned into "wouldn't it be cool if", to "let's sell tickets and make it a fundraiser..."

The two P&R cars (#2 & 4) are being refurbished at Maine Locomotive and Machine (ML&M) for use in Portland on Maine Narrow Gauge's (MNG) Holiday Express. Part of that refurbishment included painting the coaches back to their red color, P&R lettering, etc.

Both cars are scheduled to be transported from ML&M to MNG early next week. The WW&F has a "ramp track" arrangement for moving equipment on/off the railroad, necessitating moving the cars late this week from ML&M to the WW&F yard at Sheepscot.

The conversation went something like this:
"Wouldn't it be cool to have #9 steamed up to make that delivery?"
"Yes, and we still have the backdating magnets/signs from the 2-ft Winter charter to make it SR&RL #6."
"We should sell tickets!"
"Yes, and make it a fundraiser that benefits both the WW&F and MNG."

That conversation basically took place over the last two days. Thus, the "Surprise!"

In actuality, the WW&F, MNG, and ML&M do this sort of stuff quite often. But by the nature of these movements, they are very last minute and unannounced to the general public. This time we had (just) enough leeway to get the word out, and since it is a passenger train, sell tickets for the event. Also, because of the Maine travel restrictions, it really can only be an option to residents of northern New England (or those willing to adhere to the quarantine/testing regulations.)
  by Benjamin Maggi
Not a problem. It sounds great. I just wish it wasn't an 11 hour round trip to try and squeeze in. I hope the weather turns out great for your trip!
  by piker
Was just admiring the new mini tamper on the WW+F Facebook page. What an incredibly good and kind gift. On to Waterville!
Interest in this Australian line caused me to look around a bit and I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c78JkwQv1h8 of one of Wilmar's competitors. Interesting operations, long trains and the biggest, baddest locomotives you can imagine on two foot rail. They look like they should tip over.
  by MEC407
Impressive! Reminds me of US Gypsum's MLW widecab locos. Those are 3-footers rather than 2-footers, but still, when you're viewing them head-on they look like they could topple over at any moment.

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=5412868

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=1091263
  by elecuyer
WW&F's Winter 2021 Trains Announced!

The WW&F is pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for two fantastic (and "safe") events for winter, 2021!

Steam and Sleighs to SeaLyon Farm marries our steam train with a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the farms and fields of scenic Alna, Maine.

Or have a Winter Caboose Adventure with exclusive access to the "little red caboose" at the end of the steam train.

All trains will be primarily sold in groups of 8-10 people - so that everyone can enjoy themselves and not be seated in close proximity with others on the train, sleigh, etc. (Each group receives their own sleigh ride.)

We look forward to seeing you aboard a steamy winter adventure on the Sheepscot narrow gauge!
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