• Williamsville Lehigh Valley Depot welcomes donation of Diesel Locomotive

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Fireman43
"The Western New York Railway Historical Society is happy to receive Greenidge’s donation of their old yard switcher diesel locomotive for a static display at the restored Lehigh Valley Depot located at 86 South Long St. in the village of Williamsville near Buffalo. "

more pics in last weeks Amherst Bee hard copy but I see requires a digital account to read that one. That article had a lot more details on actually settling the loco up on site.

In this article below mentions "Tuesday morning saw a cadre of escort vehicles and N.Y. State Troopers to safeguard the old loco’s trip south through Watkins Glen to I-86, then westward to Salamanca and then north to its final destination. Salamanca???

Why not 86 up 390 N to the Thruway then on to Buffalo?

https://www.chronicle-express.com/story ... 404990002/

  by Matt Langworthy
I'm guessing that taking the trip Rt 14 and then west on Rt 104 would've also had clearance issues
  by charlie6017
Matt Langworthy wrote: Tue May 11, 2021 5:26 pm I'm guessing that taking the trip Rt 14 and then west on Rt 104 would've also had clearance issues
That or weight limits. Also, the size of the trucking equipment wouldn't allow some movements - one example being in Lyons where Rte. 14 makes a zig-zag move north of the canal. But weight limits also play in these logistics.
  by ctclark1
Not sure of the entire path they took after Salamanca, but they went North out of Alden on Crittenden Rd, past the Intermediate School. I just happened by it on my way to the High School, didn't realize what was being hauled until it was right next to me, and at that point I wished I had a dashcam so I'd at least have some images of it being moved.
  by smph50
Hello everyone,

I just finished the update on the WNYRHS Website documenting the entire trip of CR #8666 with many photos.
This entire event was two years in the making and then came to fruition over the course of three days.


Sincerely, Scott H. - WNYRHS
  by DGC-24711
Oh wow that was a great documentation of the move!

I'm just left wondering if the traction trucks took the same delivery route and how long before the engine did they arrive?

Greenridge is getting converted from coal to natural gas, so they no longer needed the switcher.

Somerset also had a center cab switcher I heard from things I read - I wonder what its fate will be.
  by SST
I remember long ago my dad and I took the boat onto Cayuga Lake and as we headed north back to the canal, we passed the Milliken power plant and I saw the red locomotive operating that morning. I have a pic somewhere and haven't found it yet. Not to severely deviate from the LV unit, but does anybody know what happened to the Milliken locomotive? Or did this locomotive serve both stations?

Next day or two I'll take a look at the new locomotive at Williamsville. After all, I only live 3 miles away.
  by lvrr325
Milliken had a heavily modified Alco and a GE 44-ton. The last I had heard the Alco sat unused at the end of the tracks. They were orange and white.

The former LV unit never was repainted from Conrail blue.
  by smph50
Hello DGC-24711,

I'm glad you enjoyed the documentation of the move.
Once the locomotive was removed from the trucks on Monday the 26th, they were loaded onto
a standard low-boy trailer and moved to the Depot that afternoon. No special permits or escort
were needed. I do not know the route they took but I'm sure it was the fastest way.

S ' Scott