• Why is being a railfan considered weird?

  • General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.
General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by n2cbo
In a way I guess I could be considered "weird" too...
I'm a conservative Republican who supports Amtrak... :wink:
  by jmp883
I can't answer why some people consider being a railfan weird.

I'm a model railroader and railfan and I don't hesitate to let people know about my hobbies. I do get the occassional 'look' from people, but I think that's also because when I'm in a conversation involving hobby interests I also tell them about my ham radio interest and that I also ride a Harley-Davidson. I guess 'big, bad H-D riders' aren't supposed to have geeky hobbies like trains and radio :)

I've been an emergency services dispatcher for the last 21 years and I've noticed that more cops than I would have thought are railfans.

Share your hobby with your friends and co-workers...you never know what doors it may open for you. :)
  by 3rdrail
I am a railfan/policeman and proud of both. I used to ride with another and when the city quieted down after about 5AM or so, we'd head over to the rail yards and see what was cooking. My partner, John Provance (and myself, if I may say so) are not sissies nor weird. John had a productive career in Boston and is now in Africa consulting in the jungle. John was the only guy that I ever knew who could instantly spout specifications on any rail locomotive or motor - tractive effort, weight, HP, etc. etc. I did pretty much everything a policeman can do including being a member of the 2001 World Trade Center Joint Task Force, got shot at, commendated, thrown down stairs, hit by numerous cars purposefully, brought numerous persons back from the dead...you name it. I also happen to know a little about streetcars which you'll see if you follow my "Quizzes" on the MBTA Rail Operations forum. You're in good company, bucko.
  by Desertdweller
I was contemplating your Panto-Hat. It occurred to me that, instead of the 4' whip antenna on top of your vehicle, an adaptation of your Panto-Hat ornament could serve as an effective ground-plane antenna. You would need to adjust it so the pickup shoes would be parallel to the roof. The shoes themselves would serve as the antenna.

We have no electric locomotives in this part of the country (except for Denver RTD light-rail). I'm working on closing the hat gap, however, with my Turbo-Stack Hat.

I'm having trouble with souping during extended periods of idling, and the occasional but dramatic and dangerous hat fire.