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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by Pat Fahey
Hi All
I would like to know what happened to the (2) Standard Gauge locomotives that the Whitin Machine works did own ? Now I already know about the TWO FOOT EQUIPMENT and where they are .
The standard gauge equipment was built by GE and were 65 ton centercab units , # 2 was built 6/47 serial # 29053 & # 3 was built 10/43 serial # 18090 . Were these units sold to another railroad ? scrapped ? etc . As always Thanks for the help . Pat
  by TomNelligan
One of the Whitin 65-Tonners was sold to a new owner in the southern US in 1967 or 1968. I remember catching it passing through Connecticut in an NH Maybrook freight, and Extra 2200 South later reported where it wound up, but I'm afraid I have no easy way of digging up that info.
  by GP40MC1118
2 60T G.E. 29063 6/47 Sold to Peavey Grain.

3 65T G.E. 18090 10/43 Sold to General Crushed Stone (Leroy, N.Y.)

Standard gauge. Plant moved to Avon or closed after abandonment of Lehigh Valley?
Alternate history: Peavey Grain (Baltimore ,Md.), to ADM (Sullivan , In.) by 2007.

This is what I have, but not gone further on...

  by Pat Fahey
Hi Tom & GP40MC1118
I would like to Thank you both for the information dealing with the Whitin Machine works , Tom as for # 2 you was not sure where she ended up . According to the American shortline guide in 1996 issue , she was working for the Buffalo Southern Railroad in Eden, NY as there # 87 . But they listed her as a 50 ton locomotive according to guide , in my 1998 issue of Locomotive Rosters and news , she was off the roster .
And I was not sure what happened to the number 3, now that question is answered Thanks to GP40MC1118 , and Thanks Pat.
  by Jedijk88
Does anyone know up until what year the Whitin Machine Works was served by rail? Since Whitin had their own 65 tonners I'm assuming they operated trains on the street running trackage that went down present day Linwood Ave and connected to the P&W line near Rt. 122.