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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by DepotScooter
From Kevin Burkholder, via Facebook (9/6/16):

Glory Days equipment update! (White River Junction, VT - September 10/11 - reference: https://www.facebook.com/vtglorydaysfestival/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;) The participating railroads, all of which by the way donate their equipment moves, personnel, etc., are running into issues this year and altering plans last minute... Vermont Rail System's excursions will indeed run this year, albeit sans the veteran Alco RS-1 #405. They will operate with the VTR 50th Anniversary GP40-2W #311. P&W had originally planned to send a single SD70M-2 and due to necessity in moving freight, has advised that they'd be unable to send one of those units, instead they'll be sending P&W B40-8W #4006 with the P&W Power Car and The Massachusetts and the New Englander cars. Pan Am is still planning on sending the MEC GP40-2W #511 with two freshly painted boxcars. NECR will have equipment TBD on hand...


White River Jct., VT - Glory Days Festival Update: The festival received bad news this morning in that one of the main attractions - the Central Maine & Quebec Railway GP38-3M #3812 - will NOT be able to be moved to White River Junction in time for Glory Days, due to circumstances MUCH beyond ours or the railroad's control. Significant delays at the manufacturer in Montreal, Quebec, have kept the unit from leaving their property. The festival apologizes for the inconvenience for anyone who was attending to see this unit specifically.

And an additional clarification on this year's Vermont Rail System excursions... Vermont Rail System has opted NOT to send the Alco RS-1 #405 to power the excursions, instead there will be one of the freight units on hand from VRS to haul the excursions both Saturday and Sunday.
  by NellsChoo
Heard some scuttlebutt about G&W trying to keep all the other RRs away from WRJ this year. Also heard the P&W business train may be sold.
  by Cosmo
Not this year. And the P&W train was indeed there this weekend.
  by Dick H
I could be wrong, but I don't see how G&W can keep other RR equipment away from the WRJ event,
except if the equipment has some friction bearing trucks or other outdated equipment. PAR has
trackage rights from East Northfield to WRJ. There is currently a case before the STB with NECR
trying to stick it to PAR on costs and speed restrictions on PAR moves on the line.

I believe the state of Vermont owns the "south yard" and the wye and other tracks on the east
side of the station, which is contracted to the WACR (VRS). I have seen a post that the NECR
is required to get VRS permission to use the wye tracks to access the former C-C operation in
West Lebanon.

It will be a shame, but non unexpected, if the bean counter at G&W HQ wipes out the fine can
do customer service reputation at the P&W and indirectly impacts the same reputation of the
  by Cosmo
Oh, AND GMR's passenger train as well, so if G&W tried, they didn't try very hard. :wink: