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  by n012944
I have decided to start taking train pictures again after a five year break. I always shot Kodachrome 64. My question is, where do you get it from now days? I have looked at many stores and even searched on the internet with no luck. I know that Kodak stopped making k25, did they stop making 64? Please help.



  by Alcoman
Try B&H Photo in NYC. They still carry K64. They also have a web site.
Hope this helps

  by railohio
Same place I get my supplies as well...


  by Otto Vondrak
Where is your location? If you order from an out of state shop on the Internet, you can save on sales tax. B&H Photo in NYC has a wide assortment of professional and consumer films at reasonable prices, especially when you buy in bulk.


  by MEC407
I've always had good luck with B&H. Their customer service isn't all that great, but generally they won't mess up your order, and if you place your order from their web site, you won't have to actually speak to them. :wink:

  by railohio
Yeah, I had to phone in my last film order because my DSL was out a few days. Big mistake. Took forever to figure out what was being said to me, but they did get the order right in the end. Web is the way to go for sure!

  by trainiac
I buy all mine on eBay (albeit Fuji Reala print film). Just checked now and it is possible to get Kodachrome 64.

  by pennsy
Hi All,

Never had a problem obtaining color slide film, color reversal film. Have you tried the photo section of stores like Costco, Target, etc. etc. I would imagine that you could adjust your camera for the higher speed films now available.

  by MEC407
For what it's worth, the Targets up here in Maine stopped carrying slide film over a year ago.

Wal-Mart still carries Elite Chrome 200, and Hannaford Supermarkets carry Elite Chrome 100 (albeit only in 24 exposures). I haven't been to Rite Aid in a while but I think they had either Elite Chrome 100 or 200 (but not both) last time I was there.

Kodachrome will be pretty hit-or-miss to find locally. It's unlikely that any establishment other than a camera store will be selling it these days. Buying it online is probably your best bet, especially if you want to be assured of freshness.

Oddly enough, dropping it off at Wal-Mart will be your best bet as far as processing is concerned. They'll send it directly to Dwaye's Photo -- the same company now contracted by Kodak/Qualex to process Kodachrome, and the only Kodachrome-capable processing lab remaining in America. Cost is $4.88 -- cheaper than Kodak prepaid mailers and cheaper than dropping it off at a Kodak dealer, and you get the exact same service from the exact same lab.

  by pgengler
Out here on Long Island, the CVS stores near me stock Elite Chrome 200 slide film. Usually there's only one or two per store, so I have to hit a couple of stores to get enough sometimes (in a crunch). I've seen Elite Chrome 100 in a Rite-Aid in Hoboken, NJ; I haven't checked one out here yet.

(Amusing fun fact: CVS sells slide film, but won't take it for processing. Walgreen's, on the other hand, will take slide film for processing but doesn't sell it. Go figure.)

According to the issue #66, of the "Railroad Press", you might consider contacting "Howie", at Calumet Photos, regarding his line of "short-dated film". The film is reaching it's advertised expiration dates, and he sells it at discounted prices. It is still in date, and very useable, just approaching end of it's "shelf life". You might consider him, for any film you need, and ask to be notified, whan your "brand" comes up for short-dating> He can be reached at : 1-800-225-8638, ext. 2285. Issue # 62 has a very informative article, about shooting with "expired" film. Well worth the read. :wink:

  by pennsy
Hi All,

Just had an afterthought. In every shopping Mall I ever visited there was always some photo shop there. Out west we have Ritz Camera. Excellent shop, fine products, and most important, knowledgeable personnel. And you can even find film sales etc.

  by railohio
Any mall photo store is going to have horrible prices on film. Mall rent ain't cheap!

Locally Ritz wants twice as much per roll than B&H for Provia slide film. Buy just two rolls and you've saved the price of shipping plus a little more. I just ordered 20 rolls from B&H for a series of upcoming trips and only spent about $6 for UPS shipping. I don't see why anyone who shoots more than two rolls a year would seriously consider buying it at the mall.

  by pennsy
Hi All,

I have dealt with Ritz Camera, in several Southern California Malls over the years, and have not been disappointed. I don't just by film there, I get prints, blow ups and custom cropping and blow ups made there. Anything that I can't do with the computer's printer goes there. That includes working with slides for all the already mentioned jobs.

By the way, for those that are still heavy into film. When you get your processing, also get a CD-ROM with the photos on it. Now you can get the photos on your computer and do what you like with them. I have e-mailed photos as far away as Australia.