• Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.
Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.

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  by Alcoman
How many of these are left? Its seems that there may be less than a couple dozen of these 244 engine beasts left.

  by RS-3
A lot more not running than running, but he's some off the top of my head that ARE running or at least serviceable (and not re-engined):

D-L (2) 4103, 4118 (and maybe someday Rdg 467 which is leased)
Battenkill (2) 605, 4116
CVSR 4099
Ohio Central 1077
Blacklands (2) 2, 3 for sale
Nevand Northern Museum (2) 109, 13 (i/s?)
Florida Gilf Coast "SAL" 1633
Naugatuck (RRME) NH 529
Private owned at Cementon, NY 5 (i/s?)
Adirondack Scenic "NYC" 8223

And assuming the ex-C-O-M 603 and 606 have been scrapped?
And what happened to the Pioneer "fleet"? Any left?

plus RS-2s:
Lake State 469
Nevada Northern Museum 105

  by metman499
The one at Cementon had its stack capped when I went through there a little over a month ago. Not sure if it has even run in the last few years.
  by RS-3
I forgot one, add the NYC 8255 on the Midland Ry in Kansas.


  by krobar
You can add CNJ 1554, last I heard was owned by the ARHS, and a former RDG that the RCT&HS has. Don't know what the number is offhand but it came down from Canada (Domitar?) a few years back. I think one of the museum groups over in NJ have another RDG unit. The RS3 and the RSD4/5 are two of my favorites. :D

  by thebigham
John, below is an email from the Yahoo Alco group that you sent in Feb. 2001.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: John C Mech <[email protected]>
Subject: List of RS-3's and RS-11's & RS-36's

This is a tally of RS-3 and RS-11, RS-36 locomotives in U.S. & Canada. If you need more information, let me know.
John Mech

Blacklands, Tx 2
Lake State, MI 2
Minnesota Commercial 2
Mich Shore 1
Mich Southern 2
Morris Leasing, MI 1
Carrolton, Ohio 1
KB&S, ILL RS-3u 1
Tiogra Central, NY 1
Ohio Central 1
Cayhuga Valley Scenic,Ohio 2
Fla Gulf Coast 2
D-L 4
Hawk Mt NRHS,Pa. 1
Mohawk & Hudson ,NRHS 1
Albany Port, NY 1
Reading Tech & Hist. 1
Privately owned, NY(for sale) 1
Privately owned, Pa. 1
Battenkill/Northeast Rail 2
Winters Service, NY 1
NY &Greenwood Lake,N.J 1
Naugatuck Ct 2
New Eng South. 1
City of Schenectadty (stuffed) 1
Adirondack Scenic 1
RR museum of L.I. 1
Rochester NRHS RS-3m 1
Houstanic RS-3m 1
New Hampshire Central 1
Alberi Valley Museum (Canada) 1
WC Ry Heritage Assoc(BC) 1
TOTAL RS-3's 43

  by Alcoman
Thank you for posting that! I forgot about it. There seems to be far more that I thought.
I will doing a RS-2/3 roster in a future edition of ALCONOTES. This will give me a head start.
John :D
  by RS-3


Mich Shore 1: sold to OC

Mich Southern 2: Reportly gone to??

Carrolton, Ohio 1: (2) Sold for scrap

KB&S, ILL RS-3u 1: for sale

Tiogra Central, NY 1 (is a RS3u)

Cayhuga Valley Scenic,Ohio 2: Only 1 unit.

Albany Port, NY 1: off roster, owned by?

New Eng South. 1: Pretty sure this is 0.

New Hampshire Central 1: Also 0.


  by DutchRailnut
Danbury Railway Museum has RS3m ex Conndot 605 exx Conrail 9905 exxx DL&W 912 ?

  by Lake State ALCohaulic
Those Lake State RS-3's are chop-nosed by the way. They've also given 'em a taller long hood to fit 251's in 'em.


  by Justin B
Doesn’t the California State Railroad Museum have an RS3 parked in its storage area? ex ATSF I believe

  by tgibson

Santa Fe never owned RS-3's. Might be an RSD-5 though. San Diego RR Museum (Campo, CA) has an RS-2 in ATSF paint, # 2098??? Pretty sure it's not numbered 2099.

Hope this helps,

  by Justin B
oops... Mr. Gibson was right...

I got my wired crossed. ex Santa Fe #2394 is an RS1.

Close enough tho.... right??? :D

  by N_DL640A
>>>Adirondack Scenic "NYC" 8223<<<

No need to put the NYC in quotes, 8223 is genuine NYC, the first one built for the Central.

  by ENR3870
Alberni Pacific RS3 8427 is the last surviving Canadian Pacific RS3. CP chopped the nose in the 1970's and sold the 8427 to the Comox Logging and Railway Co.(Fletcher Challenge) in 1980, CL&R ended rail operations in 1984(truck operations ended a couple months later) and the 8427 was preserved at Ladysmith, BC. The Ladysmith Historical Railway Society disbanded years later and the 8427 went to the Alberni Pacific in Port Alberni. The 8427 is wearing the CL&R orange paint job but the plan is to restore the high hood and repaint it to CPR Maroon and Grey. Incidently, the RS3 at the West Coast Railway Association in Squamish, BC also came from the Comox Logging and Railway Co. It's a former D&H RS3, number 4097. Comox Logging and Railway Co. also had a Baldwin VO-1000, number 7128. It was preserved as well, but was too far gone, and was cut up for scrap in 1994.