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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by trainfreak
Hey forum. What is your favorite spot to railfan? Mine would be in Ridgefeild (spelling?) Park, New Jersey. There you can watch the CSX Riverline which is double track through the area plus you have the NYSW main and a small yard that the NYSW sitches reguraly. So along with a good amount of CSX freights you could also get to see the NYSW switch. Well thats my favorite spot. Whats yours?

  by CNWfan5525
Durand Mi fair amount of CN 4 amtracks and a shortline the TSBY comonly call tisby and 2 or 3 CP trains

  by CSX Conductor
Alot of Massachusetts railfans love Palmer, Ma. (MP QB 83) on CSX's Boston Sub-Division. Crossing at grade with the New England Central RR, interchange between CSXT and the New England Central RR and also the Mass-Central RR. 2 Amtrak round-trips. as well as many freights on CSX>
  by kevikens
When I am out west visiting my daughters it's Pinole, Calif. With San Pablo Bay as a backdrop you have the BNSF line bhind you, the UP in front of you with lots of Amtrak and some weird stuff in between. In the east, where I live, it's the NEC, probably best at Morrisville or Frankford Jct.

  by ToledoTerminalRy
Here in NW, Ohio I have many to choose from, but my favorite is definatley the Vickers Diamond. CSX's busy Detroit-Fostoria double track main crosses the NS NY-Chicago double main( double closes from a tripple less than 1/4 mile away). You can never tell what you will see, but you always will see something. Foreign, Western, Lease, Amtrak are what you may find here. GT, CN, CP, x-CR, UP, and lease's run on CSX, while BNSF, UP, KCS (once), x-CR, Amtrak travel the "Water Level Route"


  by bearclaw36
My favorite hot spot is LaGrange, IL. Here the busy terminal road Indiana Harbor Belt [IHB] ducks under the even busier BNSF [ex-BN, ex-Chicago Burlington & Quincy] "racetrack". You can easily see 10-11 trains an hour!!!
The IHB sees a lot variety. You can easily see UP, NS, CSX, CN and CPR on this line.

  by Arctichromes
I've got a fovorite Spot at the southern tip of Letchworth State Park in New York State.

The ex Erie RR Buffalo Line crosses the Genesee River on a 180 foot high Iron trestle built in 1879. The trestle is also perched atop an 80 foot waterfall.

Only 4-5 trains through in an entire day and long lulls, but the scenery is spectacular and the time I spend there never seems to drag.

NS runs the line now. But you can catch CP/DH trains and the CN trains NS took off the Buffalo Line.

Also all different kinds of freight and dimensional loads due to the Erie's origional 6 foot guage.

Another point of interest is all the different passenger equipment going to and from the Alstom rebuild facility in Hornell NY. No Amtrak though.

Thats one of my favorite spots, I have a few.

Cool Thread.
Watch Out For the Locomotive!

  by Ken W2KB
Riding NJ Transit's Raritan Valley Line (ex-CNJ) from High Bridge to Newark, NJ to work every Monday thru Friday. See the Lehigh Line for a couple of miles at and near Bound Brook, and again for a few miles from Aldene to Hunter Interlocking and then a mile or so of the NEC.
  by zwsplac
My favorite Hotspot is BNSF's Ellinor Jct. west of Emporia Ks. It has always been very busy, but on a recent trip, I saw 51 trains in 12 hours!

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad
Metuchen on the NEC...

Or down in Cumberland...

  by kb0lvz
Two favorite spots:

In Buffalo NY I like Old Broadway however my new favorite is a park on the Buffalo river at the foot of Smith Street. To your right is the old NYC drawbridge, and to your left is the infamous CP Draw and to your back is the abandoned DL&W embankment. All trains moving south/west from buffalo have to go right past you, all framed by the old elevators

In Minot ND I like the library at "Soo Tower". Here the BNSF main crosses the CP Portal main line.

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
i like it at Attleboro, Readville in Mass. the most. but i like all the station stops along the ROW on the NEC for hot spots
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  by Xplorer2000
Anyplace I can watch trains in action...... :wink:

  by matt
Fostoria, of course.

125 trains a day make it the busiest rail center east of Chicago. Just as the spiritual folk must make their pilgrimage to the holy land, every railfan must visit Fostoria at least once before they die.

Living an hour away, I make many pilgrimages.

  by RR_Fan
My favorite spot would have to the around the NS Reading and Harrisburg Lines in Eastern Pennsylvania. I also like to travel around the Reading and Northern Railroad through out the area.

Take Care.
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