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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by NS59
EMTBOO, Lennox is still open. :-D

  by Alphajet81
I have a few good spots, I live in King of Prussia and the old reading is over the hill from my apartment, I walk to the old Port Kenedy station in Valley Forge, sit on the bench and wait for a train heading to or from abrams, there is also a bridge right above the tracks that gets me some good shots. Another Place in KOP is Abrams Yard. They have a gravel area you can park in and they will do switching right in front of you, bring your scanners and hear what they are saying over the noise of the switcher and cars. And finaly, back when I used to live in Pittsburgh, I would watch trains from the Smithfield street Bridge, CSX bellow you on the old P&LE, The T on the other side of Carson, and NS on the old Pensy on the hill.

--- Vinnie

  by emd_SD_60
milepost 84.8 (Gorham) on the Union Pacific Chester Sub. There seems to be a train every 15 minutes, and there is always a mixed bag of motive power on trains.

  by Engineer Spike
My favourite spot is in my back yard. Live along the D&H. I get about 18 trains a day. This includes 4 passenger. I also like MP 130 on the Boston and Albany. I do like the B&M Ayer is good.
When I lived in IL, I used to go to Rochelle because I have friends who live there.

  by SRS125
I always liked North Bay, Ontario, Canada standing on the west side of the Ontario Northland Shops by the Base Ball Field next to the Canadian Pacific railroad main line pass by the shops as well as the Ottawa Valley Railink and the CN all pass close by in the same area.
  by railvidpro
I agree with Matt Fostoria for sheer volume of trains has got to be the railfan capitol east of Chicago
There has been some scuttlebut about building a railfan reviewing stand near F tower
notify the Mayor of fostoria if you please and let him hear your thoughts on the reviewing stand
I also hear the NS and CSX were willing to defray some of the costs however I'll believe that when pigs fly
West of Chicago it has to be Grand Island Nebraska with the UP omaha sub and the BN flyover your looking at 130 trains in any 24 hour period.
there are multiple photo angles all from public property
35 miles west of Grand Island is Gibbon nebraska the junction of the Omaha and Marysville sub divisions and the beginning of a triple track main all the way to Grand Island
I've been there many times and everytime I go back I find new photo angles

  by RCH022
my favorite spot is on the NS harrisburg line from harrisburg,pa to reading,pa I usually go to Myerstown

  by ElTrain
Anybody have a favorite spot in the NYC area? Anyplace that mixes freight and M-N or LIRR or NYC Subway would be great.

  by njtmnrrbuff
I am an avid railfan of the NY city metro area, with mostly passenger.
Here are a list of places by railroad property.
Many places along the nJCL, like pt. pleasant beach
Walnut st, watchung ave in Montclair
Princeton JCT
Perth Amboy
MNR( including anywhere above Suffern)
Cold Spring
New haven

  by Ken W2KB
Mix of freight and passenger would be Bound Brook, NJ. Easy to get to on the NJT Raritan Valley Line, a restaurant in the old ex-CNJ westbound side station for breaks, and the Lehigh and Reading freight lines parallel to and just south of the eastbound station platform. Lots of activity.

Don't forget to get a NJT photo permit. :wink:

  by njtmnrrbuff
Also, Union and Roselle Park. Also in Cranford, the Lehigh line is within walking distance from the station. If you are ever up to it switching to MN, take a ride up the Hudson to a place like Peekskill northward. Although the traffic on the River Line could be strange at times.
  by The S.P. Caboose
I have basically three different areas to railfan. If I had to put them in order, 1) the mojave-Bakersfield area, 2) Union Pacific's coastline between Burbank Junction-Santa Barbara, 3) West Colton.

  by Pacobell73
Mineola, NY during the rush hour. LIRR trains running side-by-side blaring past the grade crossings.
  by cb&q bob
The Buffalo Bill Street overpass is a pretty good spot here in North Platte. You can see all trains coming in from the east on the main , coal leads and west recieving leads. all trains leaving on the main and those just coming out of east forwarding. flat switching in the van yard which is directly under the overpass. and, in the distance, you can see the west hump trim engines working and maybe one of the switch jobs working the car shop. There is always plenty going on there but if you get bored, it's just a short drive to the diesel shop and there is plenty to see there too.

  by jesse corbett
A real popular spot in the southeast is Selma, NC. Old ACL main line is always busy with CSX and Amtrak/Auto Train and NS (former Southern) diamonds cross one or two more a day. Station has been beautifully restored and railfans are always present. Friendly and safe with a convenient store just across the street. Good visibility and constant lit block signals. Got some old heads that have been going there for 30-40 years. Sunrise and sunset hours seem to be busiest.
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