• What type of coaches appear in this video?

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Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by RenegadeMonster

In 2019, someone apparently explored MBTA coaches in storage and recorded their walk through on video. As expected, many of the coaches are MBB's, a couple 6xx and 2xx coaches but there are several cars that I don't know the type of.

At 4:37 car number 434 appears. What type of car would this have been, a Rebuilt RDC? And is this the car we see second laters with all the tables? My guess off of what appears on this site http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/rsList ... BTA&Page=2. But very few 4xx cars are listed here and 434 is not one of them. When would 434 have been put in storage? At 6:25 those same types of seats with tables appear again.

There are also a couple different food service cars that appear

At 5:30 there is yet a different kind of seating that does not look familiar. What type / number series of Commuter Rail coach would this seating have appeared in? Same with the seating that appears at 6:48.
  by R36 Combine Coach
One car is more than just a bar car, a full counter and kitchen. A diner of sorts.
  by Backshophoss
This could have been cars for the Cape cod service,before seaview yard was available for storing MBTA equipment.
Possible conversion of a coach to a "Lunch counter" type food service.
  by GP40MC1118
At least three non-MBTA coaches that were left behind by Cape Cod Scenic RR. Nothing to do with the MBTA.
The 434 is the "Catumet Cafe" and the other one is either the 5393 or 5436. Also here is ex-Reading RDC-1 9157.
CCS tried selling these, but never found a buyer. Then some tried to set fire to them around 2002.
  by BandA
Wow, unsecured storage yard. Anybody remember 2 + 2 seating in purple. All the old or pre-rebuild Pullman-Standard, Bombardier or Budd equipment had green or blue flippable 2 + 2 iirc
  by chrisf
BandA wrote: Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:33 am Anybody remember 2 + 2 seating in purple.
A few of the MBBs were refitted with the fixed purple 2+2 seating. I don't believe it was very widespread.
  by RenegadeMonster
Do any of the MBBs currently in service have the 2+2 seating in purple?