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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by Ken W2KB
I plan on attending the World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Glasgow, Scotland mid-summer 2005. What would be worth visiting, railroad-wise, in the general vicinity, perhaps reachable by rental automobile or by tram or rail?

  by David Benton
Bear in mind distances are relatively short . Myself i would go and see the Forth bridge , abit of a drive / ride , but well worth it . By train i think youd have to go to Edinburgh to change trains . but its a fast trip , with multiple frequencies .
when i did it , they had old dmu's with big front windows to see the bridge as you pass over it , likely these are retired , and you wont have such a good view from the train .
A guide book i have lists , Ayr , Balloch , and Gourock as nice short train rides form Glasgow .

  by Ken W2KB
Thank you.
  by Bobulus
If you are interested in heavy freight, you could catch a suburban train out of Glasgow Central to Motherwell. You can see a variety of passenger and freight traffic from there. Nearly all passenger trains to London/Birmingham are formed by Pendolino EMUs capable of 140mph. freight traffic can be hauled by classes 60/66/67 diesels and classes 86/87/90/92 electrics. Motherwell is an interesting transport hub for both passenger and freight. Try to visit this station. When I stopped en route Edinburgh-Glasgow via the electrified Carstairs route, on the next track 2 a pair of electric locos were pulling a southbound intermodal train and on track 4 was a southbound train of coal empties hauled by a Brush Class 60 Diesel.

Bob Battersby.

  by Cactus Jack
Motherwell and Edinburgh (Waverly) are good places to catch action, and create some good photos. Over on the south? side of the Waverly complex, along the street to Holyrood Palace you can get a nice back drop with the mouments on the hill. Also some good stuff can be had be shooting down at the throat by the art museum.

Firth of Forth Bridge is nice, but I never thought riding over it was as spectacular as from being "on the ground".

York, England is not a long journey, changing trains in Edinburgh, and the National Railway Museum there is excellent !

  by exile
You can see a lot without even leaving Glasgow!

Two big terminal stations - Central and Queen Street

A subway system - the second oldest in the world.

Suburban train system - under- and over-ground, with electric and diesel traction

Long distance trains to London etc

regional trains to other points in Scotland.

Not a lot of freight, compared to what you'd be used to in the US.

If you have the time, take the train on the scenic route to Fort William and Mallaig.

  by Ken W2KB
Thanks to all for your kind assistance. I do plan to spend a few days touring. Continental Airlines, out of Newark, NJ (EWR) has started a daily direct flight to Glasgow, but I am considering traveling one way to London to facilitate a longer rail journey.

  by David Benton
Hi Ken , you may find flights to the Birmingham or Manchester areas to be good value too .

  by Ken W2KB