• What Railroad had FM Trainmasters?

  • Discussion of Fairbanks-Morse locomotive products. Official web site can be found here: www.fairbanksmorse.com.
Discussion of Fairbanks-Morse locomotive products. Official web site can be found here: www.fairbanksmorse.com.

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  by N&WJ
What railkroads had FM Trainmaster, mostly those who bought them new? Also where did the Demonstrators go? Thanks in advance.

  by metman499
The CNJ, Reading, Lackawanna, Virginian, Canadian Pacific, SP, and others that escape me all had TMs.

  by rdganthracite
PRR and Southern also had TMs

The others were Canadian National and Wabash. The demonstrators were bought by Wabash (TM1 and TM2) and Southern Pacific (TM3 and TM4).

  by trainiac
Two Canadian demonstrators were built--one for CN and one for CP. CP went back for more; CN didn't.
  by switchstand
The St. Louis-San Fransisco Railroad (FRISCO) had Fairbanks-Morse locomotives. I worked on the one in Oklahoma City when railroads had firemen on crews.

  by pablo
Switchstand, but were they Trainmasters?

Dave Becker
  by switchstand
No, not Trainmasters. I erred. They had:
12 H10-44 1000 HP 1948 and 1949
4 H12-44 1200 HP 1950

The Frisco used FM locos as switchers in 1963. They were quiter than EMD engines and the exhaust smelled different even though the fuel was the same in all locomotives.

  by dprasse
My favorite railroad , the Illinois Central , just about had 75 of the beasts ...

I'd have loved that .. combine my favorite railroad with my favorite diesel builder .... Wonder what a "Paducah 'Master" would have looked like ? :D

  by David Hutchinson
I think CP had one TM that had a full width short hood to accomodate two steam generators.

  by 2spot
Actually, Canadian Pacific had 5 Trainmasters that had full width short hoods equipped with steam generators. The first (8900) was built by Fairbanks-Morse and the remainder were built under liscence by Canadian Locomotive Company (CLC). 8900 - 8904 had steam generators. All were removed by 1961. Two are preserved. Good link for CLC built Trainmasters with a picture of 8901: http://members.shaw.ca/cprclc/H24-66.html

  by Allen Hazen
"Extra 2200 South," issue # 61, had a roster of Train Masters.

Bought new by: DL&W, RDG, SP, VGN, SR (technically CNO&TP), CP, CN, CNJ, Wabash, and PRR.

At a quick glance, the only ones to go to a second owner for operation were DLW (to Erie Lackawanna), VGN and Wabash to N&W, and PRR to PC -- all by merger. EL, PC, RDG, and CNJ all retired theirs before Conrail.

Four were apparently BUILT for the New York Central (and others were started for NYC), but the order was apparently never finalized: all of these units went to SP! (None having been painted for NYC. ... The story is reminiscent of that, several years later, of NYC's second order for Alco RS-11, which went to the D&H after having been painted in full, Lightening Stripes, NYC livery! (Idea here for a modeler or someone with Photoshop! NYC numbers were to be in the 4600 series.))

  by David Hutchinson
I think some of the E-L TMs that were sold to Striegel Supply in Baltimore were leased to Mexico........ not sure. I think they might have been stenciled for Striegel.

  by Allen Hazen
David Hutchinson--
Thanks for correcting me: I was too hasty in reading the notes to the "Extra 2200 South" article!
Two of the EL's retired, ex-DL&W, TM were leased by Striegel to the CH-P in 1969 and "acquired" by CH-P in 1971. CH-P 534 (ex-DL&W 1852) scrapped in 1974, CH-P 535 (ex-DL&W 1859) "wrecked", no date given.

  by David Hutchinson
I think the units went to Mexico in the EL black scheme with STR stenciled on the long hood.......