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  by daybyday
There were some other posts on here about what makes a good conductor/good engineer, so I'm gonna go with that theme and ask: what makes a good Trainmaster or Yardmaster? ***(see note below before replying)

I'm currently a driver manager for a trucking company who moves a lot of freight via rail/intermodal, so I'm pretty familiar with all the Class 1's and I'm thinking of making the switch to UP. I've worked in transportation for about 7-8 years in an office and just want to get out of the office ASAP. I considered & have asked several questions on here about applying for a conductor position, but I just don't think the unpredictable schedule would go over well with the wife. I know I'd be working long hours, weekends & holidays (as do most of the transportation companies I've worked for) but at least the hours would be somewhat more predictable and at least I'd be out of the office.

Anyway, I see a lot of similarities between what I'm doing now and the job description of UP's training program. For one, we have tons of managers that have less (or no) experience than the people they are managing. They usually have a tough time getting started until they prove themselves and gain some credibility with those they are managing. We also have lots of jobs at my company where anybody can do it, but very few are good at it.

So I guess my questions are:
1) Will my transportation experience be helpfull in an interview and if I get the job?
2) What separates a new hire from becoming the F#$%ing new guy versus someone you're willing to work with?
3) And finally as the title states, what makes a good TM or YM?

Thanks, DBD

*** The posting for the Management Training Program I'm looking at states that "upon successful completion of training, individuals will be assigned to a Manager of Yard Operations or Manager of Intermodal Operations position." Is UP's MYO/MIO the same as a trainmaster and/or yardmaster

I'm hoping that with my intermodal background I could go into the intermodal side and work in the yard at on of UP's Intermodal facilities.

  by UPRR engineer
MYO is the new title they have given to trainmasters buddy. They dont hire yardmasters off the street dude. Those jobs are union jobs now here on the UP.

Take the plunge buddy.

Another thing that is true that is not on the website is, you wont be at one place for too long. That type of job they are offering isnt just a MYO job. The finish line is in Omaha when you take a Director position. Thats what they want and thats why they are doing it this way verses pulling guys out of train service. They are still doing that also, but the guys hiring out under this program you are expected to do alot of ladder climbing.

If what you want is a yardmaster job or a trainmaster spot, might want to hire out in trainservice dude. You wont have to be a conductor for a long time, i told a manager that a new guy taking student RCL trips with me, was a good one, they scooped him up one day after he marked up and put him up in the tower. I dont know how it is every where on the UP, but those tower jobs here arent the most well liked jobs, most guys have there eyes on engine service. Does that help any dude?
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  by GN 599
On the BNSF they can ship those Trainmasters anywhere. I think it would be a lousy job since you have so many people above you on your case, the whining of us rank and file would be enough of a deterrant for me. If you dont have a college education they tend to hit a glass ceiling since they dont seem to promote through the ranks. We have a good trainmaster where I work. Shows up and does his thing and leaves us alone which is all I ask. As far as yardmasters go we have one who wont bring our lists, GTB's etc downstairs or call the U.P. for permission to cross their mainline. One of his counterparts is the opposite he will have everything ready for you to go, already talked to the U.P. with authority to occupy their main line within five minutes of being on duty. Sure helps when your going for a early quit.

  by daybyday
UPRR engineer wrote:MYO is the new title they have given to trainmasters buddy. ...

Take the plunge buddy....

Does that help any dude?

UPRR - Your info did help clear up some of my questions. Thanks.

I took your advice to "take the plunge" and put in my appliction this weekend.

The start of the class date is early October, and the posting doesn't close till Septemenber, but I took other posters advice and just submitted early since they have a habit of pulling postings before the listed close date.

Anyway, I guess its hurry up and wait now.

I'll let you know if/when I hear something.

Thanks again, DBD