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  by Turd Furgeson
Hey guys,

First post here. I love the old railroads, well basically any old stuff in general. I ended up running across this piece and dragged it home from the local thrift store. I have no idea what it is. It's about 5 feet long with two cast iron ends. Does anybody know?


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  by ex Budd man
What is the spacing between the single leg shown in the picture? If it is 56 1/2" it could be a track guage. A co-worker suggests it could be a back to back wheel gauge.
  by Turd Furgeson
I'll have to check it later tonight when I get home. But that does make sense. The end with the u shape has two protrusions sticking out of and the other end has one protrusion. If that is what it is, I'm guessing the one end that has two knobs sticking out of it is to keep the gauge perfectly perpendicular to the track. It has a handle in the wooden section for carrying around. Whatever it is, i don't think it was ever used. There is no wear on the handle portion. The finish is really nice, and the ends are still mostly black rather than rusty. Thanks for the help!
  by JimBoylan
It is a track gauge, and the forked end helps align it square on the rail.
It may be double sided, possibly whey turned upside down, it measures the proper gauge of a switch frog's guard rail from the opposite running rail.