• What hath BNSF wrought?! (New Logo/Paint Scheme)

  • Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM
Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by AmtrakPhill629
Im just starting to learn about BNSF i like to older logo better but the new one isnt that bad.
  by EJ&ESDM809
I saw yet another new logo today at LaGarnge today. 7756 was leading a Z-train. I have seen a lot of the new logoed GEVOs. Plus I've seen 2 new logoed SD40-2s, 1 of which was leading through Lockport. I hhave heard some GP50s have recieved the new logo, as well as the switcher and 2 Dash 8s.

Although I am normally a fan of "billboard" logos/names on the sides of locos, the old, BNSF was rather stodgy, and bland. The new look kind of looks like the corporation is "on the move", and it actually looks pretty decent, seeing as we WONT be seeing any more silver and red repaints happening. I am noticing, now, at least 4 different versions of the "swoosh" logo appearing on the sides of outside ribbed covered hopper cars, with the differences probably stemming from individual painters, or different shifts, applying the lettering. All cars are the same, just variations of the logos, over ribs, cut and fit between, centered on ribs and centered between ribs. I just had a solid grain train, with only one non-swooshed car, in the consist, so someone is definately putting in the hours, to standardize the fleet. Time to grab those photos, I would imagine............ :wink:

  by Tadman
Lately we've seen a lot of shots of the following:
1. New BNSF scheme
2. ratty warbonnet-painted units
3. ratty cascade green units
And I've also seen a lot of ratty BNSF org/grn around chicago.

But then I've seen some photos of freshly painted warbonnet units and cascade green units.

And I've come to this conclusion: we forget just how good a fresh warbonnet or cascade looks. A fresh org/blk or org/grn unit is boring in comparison to the genius of cascade or warbonnet.

A side question: was warbonnet the work of Harley Earl, GM styling chief at the time it was introduced on E's and F's?
  by amtrakhogger
In my estimation, the ATSF red and silver warbonnet was the BEST
paint scheme! Why some corporate wag chose to do away with it is
beyond me. They could have kept the scheme after the merger.
  by Komachi
Well, it was a merger, not a takeover. To have one corporate identity overshadow the other was not an option they wanted to take.

Granted, they could have adapted the warbonnet to the new paint scheme of the new corporation... in Cascade green, white and black. But would it have been as sharp looking?

Maybe BNSF will start a "heritage" program like UP is doing. Then you could have your GEVO or ACEs in classic red, yellow and silver. Or, given the fact that BNSF still has a bunch of 1st generation diesels on the roster, maybe one of them could be painted up in a warbonnet. Other than that, I don't forsee the company as bringing back the warbonnet (as it was, "reimagined" or otherwise.

Definitely would be an improvement over the "swoosh" abomination they are using now.
  by Komachi
In another thread (BNSF'S LATEST PAINT SCHEME), GOLDEN ARM wrote...

Anyone have any thoughts, on the "latest" version of the swoosh paint? Have started to see the newest paints arriving, on rebuilds, same style as the swoosh, but a substitution of black, for green. Looks like a winner, and these weird GP-25's are showing up, with the new paint, applied. Weird, in it seems to be a GP-35 frame, and upper roof, with a GP-50/60 central air blower duct, on the firemans side, and various portions of the carbody, seem to be either GP-40, GP-50 and some places GP-35. The things are rated for 2500 HP, on the Blue Card. Will post a pic, in next couple of days. (keep coming into my yard, at night, waiting for a daylight shot)They are running with GP-35's and 39's, in short turn-around service, out here, on the west coast. They do look a hell of a lot better, than the green used on the other locos. :-D

(Note: I have cut and pasted GOLDEN ARM's commentary from the other thread to here... I even restored the "very happy" emoticon at the end too!)

I've received a little flack for locking that thread, but it is a variation on the "swoosh" and hense, belongs with the rest of our discussion here. You may choose to disagree with me on this point, but...


I don't want this forum flooded with umpteen thousand threads about the same (more or less) paint scheme (which is why I started this thread and posted the forum rule on redundant threads). If you wish to debate this subject with me, feel free to PM me and we'll talk about it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion.

  by Engineer James
Just in on a state railroad site:

http://michiganrailroads.com/MichRRs/Pi ... to192A.htm

On the CP Lansing run.... I say it looks ok....

  by DrawbarFlats
I don't know what's worse, the new ''SPEEDO WEDGIE'' or the term ''VELOCITY''!

My HpT is 9.9 and I'm following the Kaiser Hauler up the hill!!
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