• What happened to Southern Railway passenger equipment?

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by SouthernRailway
Out of curiosity, what did the Southern Railway do with its passenger equipment once it finally got out of the passenger business in 1979?

I see that some E8s were sold to what became NJ Transit, and at least one dining car was sold to Amtrak. I would think that other pieces were given to museums. I recall riding an excursion train on Norfolk Southern rails in 1990, with plenty of Southern Railway passenger cars in it, so Norfolk Southern must have kept at least some Southern equipment that long. Now it seems as though Norfolk Southern has almost no former Southern Railway equipment. Anyone know or have links to where this info would be?

Thank you.
  by Gadfly
Some of it was bought by transit systems, as you mentioned. Some went to tourist roads. A few were kept for the excursion service. Sou 6900, of course, and FP7 6133 are at the NC Transportation Museum. Some DID go north to NJ Transit, and Amtrak. For a time, SR acted as a contractor for Amtrak and continued to run the Crescent with SR equipment. I worked as Porter/Baggage Handler/Crew Truck Driver in '82-83, and the equipment was still there. The crews were still supplied by SR at that time, and the equipment remained in SR livery. I think, at least of the E8's went to...what was it...........Tennesse Valley RR Museum??????? Not sure, but I heard that one or two of them were there. This was around the time that my friend George Ambrose was still the senior engineer on the roster at the time. When I exercised my seniority at Roadway Shops, and Amtrak took over fully, George went to freight---at least, for a time, He used to stop at Liddell Street crossing, at the mouth of Charlotte Yard. When he first saw me, and had a little time, and the double-track main wouldn't fix him so he couldnt get back to his engine, he climbed down and strode over to where I was working with his hand out.

"Jerry, what in the world are you doing here --I wondered where you had got to", in that Texas-style drawl of his.

"Well, I bid into the shops to get off the Extra Board............blah, blah..." the usual railroad talk.

And we'd talk enough to exchange greetings. Then George would amble back to his engine and, as he pulled away, "BAMP-BAMP-DE-BAMP-BAMP! BAMP! BAMP!" Shave and a haircut-six bits). When George was feelin' good, he used to get really creative with the five chime horn as he came into town. You weren't supposed to do that, but he sometimes did the Shave-haircut thing pulling into Spartanburg and Charlotte. The Southern E-8s had a neat horn arrangement.

  by litz
http://passcarphotos.info/Indices/S2b.htm shows the following :

SOU 153 - HW baggage - mail. (SOUTHEASTERN RR MUSEUM)
SOU 153 - HW baggage - mail. (SOUTHERN-RAILWAY RAILFAN)
SOU 153 - HW baggage - mail. (R. UNDERWOOD)
SOU 582 - (ex-SOU 2438, Pullman Benburb) HW baggage - express rblt. from 12 Sect - 1 DR sleeper. (SOUTHEASTERN RR MUSEUM)
SOU 812 Charlottesville - PS corrugated 56-seat coach. (SOUTHEASTERN RR MUSEUMMUSEUM)
SOU 1212 - Mod. HW "Jim Crow" divided coach. (RR PICTURE ARCHIVES)
SOU 2019 Tugalo River - PS corrugated 10 Rmt - 6 DBR sleeper. (SOUTHEASTERN RR MUSEUM)
SOU 2019 Tugalo River - (RAIL PICTURES)
SOU 2449 Thomas Ruffin - HW 10 section - 2 bedroom - 1 drawing room sleeper. (SOUTHEASTERN RR MUSEUMMUSEUM)
SOU 2449 Thomas Ruffin - being restored as a Crescent Limited car. (RR PICTURE ARCHIVES)
SOU 3168 - Mod. HW dining car. (RR PICTURE ARCHIVES)
SOU/CNO&TP 3780 - shown painted as NGA 1104. (SOUTHEASTERN RR MUSEUM)
SOU/CNO&TP 3789 - ACF LW 52-seat coach. (RR - FALLEN FLAGS)
SOU/NO&NE 4529 - (ex-PULL TC 3009, nee-Dorado) HW baggage - express rblt. from 12 Sect - 1 DR sleeper, in faux two-tone green paint. (RR PICTURE ARCHIVES)

In addition, the New Georgia Railroad used to also operate baggage car 206 in southern paint, although this was originally a BN/NP car. (it's now on the Blue Ridge Scenic RR)
  by CarterB
SOU 2351 Crescent Harbor a very unique PS corrugated 1 master bedroom - 2 drawing room - lounge car. (WATAUGA CHAPTER - NRHS) http://passcarphotos.info/Indices/SOU2.htm
One of its "sisters" SOU 2352 Crescent Moon - 1 MB - 2 DR - buffet lounge. (RR PICTURE ARCHIVES)
SOU 2350 Crescent City - (RR PICTURE ARCHIVES)
IIRC the fourth "sister" was wrecked? Crescent Shores