• What can you see in Meadville on the WNYP?

  • Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.
Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.

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  by Alcoman
I am planning a trip in April and wonder if a side trip to Meadville would be worth while now that the WNYP is there. What could I see there?

  by roc
It's always a bit of a crap shoot with power and / or crews oft in short supply on NS' side of the operation. However, it is possible to catch really great action. And, it's worth remembering that the B&P runs to Erie on Tues and Thurs.

  by EMT_Railfan

The NS Misc. train, C23 goes into Meadville in the late afternoon. Not sure if it is daily or not, or if it is still C23 when it returns to Ytown.

The WNYP Rouseville train runs Tues.&Thurs USUALLY leaving Mead at about 0900 and returning 1500-1600.

Not sure when the WNYP WB comes into Mead as I have not been lucky enough to catch it, YET.

NS coal drags go through twice daily each way. 522/523 & 524/525. Times vary.

OFF TOPIC-Along with Roc's B&P, CSX Chicago Line and NS Waterlevel parrallel near by in Erie/Northeast, PA and good for about 60 trains daily. BLE is also near by to the west going from Greenville, PA - Conneaut, OH. Hit and miss there.

  by EMT_Railfan
I was at the Meadville Yard all day yesterday. The WNYP crew tossed around cars and built the consist for NS C23. Then they took a few cars over to the customer that is on the other side of French Creek along Mercer Pike and came back. I don't remember who the customer is. Then they hooked onto (1) empty lumber car and left west bound. I didn't give chase because I didn't figure they would be going to Franklin with (1) car, but that's where they went. I thought maybe they were switching out another local customer. They left Meadville Yard at about 1130, and returned at about 1400 with a loaded lumber car and 2 tanks. In the meantime, NS C23 delivered 16 misc. cars at about 1215 and left with about 3x that many. Pittsburgh West must have fell asleep. It took them about a 1/2 hour to get a Form D out of the yard to return to Ferrona (not Ytown as I stated previously). With that said, I caught a meet at the west end of the yard with WNYP returning, and C23 finally getting permission to leave. My brother told me he saw WNYP Wednesday coming back from Oil City and saw them switching out the customer on the opposite side or RT8 in Reno.