• What can I do with my turnable base for train seats?

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  by mtuandrew
Welcome, Mr. Parpoulas!

I'm moving your post to the General Discussion: Locomotives, Rolling Stock and Equipment forum. That said, there's a good chance that most agencies are happy with what they have for turnable seats, wherein the seat pair unlocks and is turned by hand at a service point. Perhaps some of our passenger service employee members can comment further.
  by MEC407
As someone who, for medical reasons, NEEDS to be facing forward while moving, I would be VERY interested in a train seat that could be turned easily and quickly without staff intervention. It's usually not a problem if I'm boarding at an end point, but if I'm boarding at a mid point station, there's a pretty good chance that all of the forward-facing seats have already been taken and I'll have to use a backward-facing seat instead... which, for me, can result in EXTREMELY unpleasant consequences.

It would be particularly useful on trains like the newly-expanded Amtrak Downeaster, whose trainset changes direction part of the way through the journey due to one of its stations (Portland) being on a branch off the mainline. When the trainset goes back onto the mainline to continue the rest of the journey, it's not longer facing the same direction as it was previously. Passengers who are still on the train are now facing backward if they were originally facing forward.
  by SouthernRailway
I would finish up the patent and then, once you have all intellectual property rights to the item, try to license it to a railcar manufacturer.