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  • Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail
Discussion of the L&HR and its predecessor the Warwick Valley Railroad for the period 1860-1976 at its inclusion with ConRail

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  by gawlikfj
Does anyone know if there is a L&HR calendar published each year ?
  by Marty Feldner
gawlikfj wrote:Does anyone know if there is a L&HR calendar published each year ?
I know, and the answer is no. And never has been, either by the railroad or any historical society, that I'm aware of.
  by njmidland
I would like to say there has never been an L&HR calendar - certainly not one done by fan groups. However, I did see something 10 or so years ago. A 1952 wall type month by month calendar. Each month had a photo of mountains, lakes, seashore, etc. On the bottom of each page it said Lehigh & Hudson River Railway and had a NYC address which I think was their sales office and a phone number. It was obvious that the L&HR stuff was an after print on a generic calendar. The question is did someone fake it or did they buy these and have them marked for the sales people to use? If it was legit it would be interesting but certainly not a critical piece of memorabilia.

  by Marty Feldner

Without doing some digging, I'd have to say the calendar was legit; the L&HR was doing a fair amount of advertising in the trade press then (Railway Age, etc.), and a generic calendar distributed by traffic agents would make sense.

(In '54, they had traffic representatives in Boston, New Haven, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York City- at Room 3322, 500 Fifth Avenue, phone PEnnsylvania 6-3726 and 3727.)
  by gawlikfj
I'm just a Railfan of different railroads but , the Railroads were better off with the Lehigh & Hudson River around . Thank You L&HR .
  by Scaro
i just like blue C420s in that scheme, and the RS3s weren't bad looking either ... pretty minimal on the rolling stock front though, excepting a bunch of small covered hoppers. are any plans out there? http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/lhr/lhr2015akg.jpg

i also like the potential ... a small layout or diaroma with NYS&W and the L&HR would look good.
  by gawlikfj
Is the track the L&HR had to go into Maybrook Yard used at all for anything Now ? or has it been ripped up ?
  by Paul Miller
The track from Hudson Junction northeastward to Maybrook is no longer there. The old LHR is now connected to the former Erie Graham Line at Hudson Junction about a mile north of Girarde Station grounds. The abandoned ROW of the LHR is very overgrown through this region.
  by gawlikfj
Thank You Paul . I've heard that the old L&HR track going to Maybrook was very scenic .
  by Marty Feldner
Except that it's mis-identified; this was the Erie's (Newburgh Branch) Craigville station, about a mile away from the L&HR station. This was one of a series of circa 1910 photos of all Erie stations system-wide (the basis for the "The Next Station Will Be..." series of books.
  by sawdust
I grew up about a hundred yards from the L&HR and remember the trains roaring through Great Meadows day and night. My Uncle worked and by the way is still working at a trucking company that used to get potatoes by the box car full and I would walk via the tracks down to the Station. Visit with the Station dispatcher and work crews, I don't remember them giving me their names, but they were always friendly. I remember the dinky car work car, etc. One day while visiting my Uncle, there was a train at the siding waiting for a Northbound to pass heading to Warwick. The engineer invited me, I was around 10 or 11 maybe even 13, to climb up in the cab . He was showing me around and I do remember a brick on the dead man switch...anyway....after the Northbound passed, he said son you want to take her out.. ...what kid would say no,,,so he showed me the lever to pull and I thought wow, this is like my Lionel set, and as I pulled we started to roll out on the main line. I wish I had a camera or someone had a camera, but there is just my memory of driving that train onto the main line. Once on the main line from the siding the Engineer took over, My Uncle was with me in the cab and we only went the consist and a few cars when they had me stop. I thanked them for this fantastic adventure and we walked back to the station. This was way before Island drag, etc. My two Uncles both worked for a period of time on this Railroad in the 40,s. One as a line man and I don't remember what the other one did. So my affection for the old L&HR is firmly planted in my soul. I looked and looked for models of the Loco all my life and cried when they came and tore up the tracks. Finally in my 50's I found several RS-3's and a loaded, sound and DCC C-420 and have them proudly displayed. More for another time.
  by sputnik801
I see that there haven't been any recent posts, but since I'm new on the forum, I figured I'd post.

I grew up in Manville, NJ where the Reading, Lehigh Valley and CNJ all made appearances. As a kid when ConRail took over, I was very interested in the fallen flags. I was too young to grasp that I should have had my little Kodak 110 camera with me at all times, snapping pic of the disappearing paint schemes. I did get a few, but not many.

For an unknown reason, I really liked the photos of, and what I read about the L&HR. Before I moved to Harmony, NJ in 1992, I hiked some of the Bel-Del near G Tower and the very southern end of the L&HR. Now living here, I hike the right of way a few times a year. My 12 and 14 year old sons really stoked the love of the this railway when they get excited at every mile post and signal tower base. They talk about imagining how it was years ago, and now I'm really sucked in. My mind wanders, thinking what it was like standing where I hike now, watching a steam loco or a black smoke belching awesome ALCO pass me by. I feel a little sad that this line got 2 raw deals....one with the bridge and 2nd with the big blue giant taking over all the roads.

My boys & I got excited when we found a tell tale between Townsbury and Great Meadows. It was for a bridge (I learned from Paul Milers book!) that fell years ago. I'm wandering off post here but If anybody is up to it, park off Pequest Rd in Townsbury. There is a spot along the right of way next to the river. Walk north - this is not the maintained part of the Pequest Managment area. After you pass Hudson Rd and a small farm crossing, the brush gets thick. The tel tale is shortly past the farm crossing and a flat bed trailer parked on the right of way.

Anyway - thanks for maintaining this site. I'm glad I signed up.
  by David
Sputnik---Enjoyed your story! Please continue to share more of them. They make this thread what it is all about! Thank you!