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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by BlockLine_4111
I was down in Newark and noticed an ex-PRR freight electroline running parallel to the NEC, maybe 95 yards east of it. Seems like 1 of the 2 tracks was removed and the remaining track had gondolas parked on it.
One can get a good view of this line from Route 78 overhead. What line was this and where did it go ? This is not the P&H line because that line begins at Lane and ducks under the NEC and is active.

  by Jtgshu
If im not mistaken, they shifted the freight lines (P and H maybe, I dunno, I don't know the freight lines in that area) when they built the airport stop, so the grade of the monorail woudln't have to climb too steeply over the freight line, where the high tension power lines are.

If you look real carefully at where you saw the gondolas, if the sun is the right way, there are three or four cabooses at the end of that string of gondolas (not too many gons, maybe 5 or 6). This is just underneath the RT 78 bridge just east of the airport, between teh airport and Hunter
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  by timz
Are you talking about the Greenville Branch? More like 200 yards east of the NEC, with two-track catenary poles?

  by SPUI
I don't know what's still around today, but this is what has been there:
This was built as the New York Bay RR (PRR), originally Waverly & New York Bay RR. It curved east just before the Lehigh Valley and paralleled it to the south. It used the existing LVRR bridge into Hudson County, and then split and continued east to Greenville yards. The Port Newark trackage (who owned this?) connected to this just east of the CNJ crossing.
The Passaic Branch of the New York Bay RR (originally the Waverly & Passaic RR) split at the curve to go east next to the LVRR, went under the LVRR next to the NEC, and then went northeast to Meadows Yard. This was at one time planned as part of an air line scheme including the Mercer & Somerset (Somerset to Millstone via Hopewell) or later crossing the Delaware south of Trenton (extending from the Trenton Cutoff) and running northeast to near Rahway (known as the Pennsylvania & Newark RR). Part of the latter plan was built as extra tracks along the mainline from Rahway to South Elizabeth.
Nowadays the New York Bay RR mainline is the Greenville Branch and serves the Greenville Yards. The Passaic Branch is the Passaic & Harsimus Branch, running separately from the Jersey City Branch (old mainline to Jersey City) to Harsimus Cove.