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  by QueenB
Let me tell you about Watco Companies, when the company was founded and ran by Dick Webb, he cared about family any members of the Watco Company was family in his eyes, he baby of the whole railroad was the car department. That is what that man loved. When Dick passed away in 2009, my husband was there for his funeral because he loved that man, my husband worked for Watco 15yrs until recently. He was fired over the dumbest reason you can think of Watco has changed and not in a good way either, they are no longer in anyway shape of form a caring company, that considers you family as Dick did, which gets me to my question who really is running the company now, the HR department or ?????? I can tell you that Dick would have just made a phone call to my husband's boss and said, " .......tell..... to knock the *hit off and get back to work" he would have never have fired someone for the dumbest reason. (Which if Watco reads this, GOOD, because I have the definition from Yale Law School of what the statement meant) like I said my husband worked his *as off for 15 yrs from the ground up, he loved and still loves that company for some reason. He wanted to carry on Dick's legacy for the car department, but evidently they aren't about what that man stood for, they have changed since his passing, so Watch answer this, if you can be honest for once, Who really is running the company now? If in fact it is his son, then I'm sure Dick is very disappointed, but I in fact think it is the HR DEPARTMENT, BUT I COULD HE WRONG!!!!
  by kevin.brackney
Just for the sake of comparison, here at the IORY, engineers are at 25.00 (and some change) per hour. If I had to guess, I'd say were all getting an average of ten hours per shift. The guarantee rate doesn't seem like much compared to the OT we usually see. In a good half I pull down around 2300.00. You might want to take a look at