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All about locomotive rebuilders, small locomotive works, and experimental works

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  by Centurylover68
At the Erie Canal Village in Rome NY I located 2 diesels whose model designation and builder I am trtying to uncover. The locomotives wear their names, numbers and paint from previous owner, Cranberry Belt Railroad. The locomotives are 11 and 12, Pheonix and Echo respectively. Pheonix had a small pilot mounted plow that was used to clear the track. This locomotive was not running as it had already done its duty. Echo was hauling the coach which people rode in. The units did have diesel engines( although I am not sure if they were diesel electric) and are probably not a home-built engine despite the absence of builders plates, seeing as how they feature heavy duty springs, an air reservoir tank for train brakes( not in use because Echo only had one car behind it) and a normal looking control stand, as well as grab irons and swiveling knuckle couplers. They were of end cab design and rode on a single 2-axle truck. The engines are narrow gauge and the gauge was somewhere between 2-3 feet. I foolishly forgot to check. Also of interest: in the hand made coach was an old oil MoPac car lamp attached to the wall. The line also has a real steam engine, but they couldn't maintain it and it now sits unused and in poor shape in the shed. Also I managed to spot a home grown machine that looked like someone placed a D-2 dozer on a two-axle truck minus blade and winch, plus couplers and an air reservoir that looked like a bulging tumor. This machine was obviously not used as parts were missing and the engine was highly rusted. The engineeer even used the correct horn signals. During one part of the trip the engineer climbed halfway down the ladder and (about 2 feet high) dangled of it with no one else in the cab.

  by Hoosier Joe
The museum's website says one of their 0-4-0 locomotives was built by the Davenport Locomotive Works and listed its past owners. Joe

  by Cosmo
I inquired via thier website "contact us" link. I'll lert you know. I am guessing these two are from Edaville RR in South Carver, MA. IU am also guessing they are 2'guage. I know at least one of Edaville's previous owners unloaded a lot of equipment at or after auction to try to raise enough cash to keep the park going.

  by GSC
(2 years later)

I checked their website and it appears the trains aren't running anymore. Their pictured brochure shows a steamer in a photo, but too tiny to make out. The only text reference to a railroad is to their "railroad station".

Anyone know if the equipment is still there?
  by BayColony1706
Those locos 11 and 12 are 2 foot guage plymouths. I believe that one of the former Edaville workers started that small railroad that you are referring to. Steve Boothroyd is his name if I remember correctly. The steam engine and 11 and 12 were used to try and jump-start Edaville back to life, but never took off. The Steamer has an illegal boiler (lap-welded, which is a no-no in the US). I think it is a German locomotive.
I remember 11 and 12 from my days as an Edaville volunteer. They came to Edaville from the defunct Colorado "Big Sky Railroad", along with that small coach. There are some photos of them in Carver on the NERAIL archive.