• Walthers passenger cars correct for CNW?

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  by skpp108
Anyone know if any of the recent runs of their cars are correct for (or close) the CNW?? I'm kind of interested in building up my CNW roster but I don't want stuff that clearly isn't anything they didn't have-
The heavyweight stuff looks pretty good.

  by AmtrakFan
The Lightweight ones you mean right?

  by skpp108
Sure- heavy or lightweight. Just wondering if anything Walthers is putting out is reasonable close to any CNW prototypes-
  by atlpete
The only domes I'm aware the C&NW owned was a full length car for it's business train circa eighties, though I think UP domes operated into Chi- before the C&NW passed off the operation east of Omaha to Milw. Many of the lightweight 400 cars, (especially the coaches) had a unusual window layouts, I think they owned some UP pattern lightweight cars though too, for their contribution to the Overland route trains, but not the domes. Accurately modeling C&NW lighweight trains is hard in any scale. I believe the older Walthers shorty heavyweight coache kits are loosely based on C&NW's if you want a pre-bilevel commuter train.
  by Scoring Guy
Allow me to quickly go through the Walthers HO C&NW Roster of Passenger cars:
- The coach and cab coach versions of the BiLevel Commuter car should be OK.
- The 4-4-2 sleeping car ("Hunters Point") in UP colors is OK. Only 4-4-2 C&NW owned (not sure if it received green and yellow paint)
- The 6-6-4 sleeping cars are OK in either "early" or "late" green and yellow paint. Also in UP Yellow and Grey and UP two shades gray.
- The C&NW did not own any 10-5 sleepers.
- The 52 seat Coach is the fluted side model, the C&NW received three of these from the C&O in exchange for three RDC's in '57. The paint scheme is correct.
- The 64 seat coach, is not a C&NW owned car, just a NYC car incorrectly painted in C&NW colors.
- The 72 foot baggage car appears to be just a car painted in C&NW colors, no 72' baggage car found in C&NW stable. Most baggage cars used on passenger trains not connected with the UP were 64' heavyweights.
- The C&NW did own some 48 seat diners, (4 for Cities trains, 1 for Dakota 400) but none of them had the window arrangement as this one Walthers has. But it's close to the Cities train design, not close to Dakota 400 diner. Most of the other "400" dining cars were 56 seats.
- The C&NW did not own any 10-6 sleepers.
- The RPO-baggage car is close enough to what C&NW had.
- The 12-1 heavyweight sleeper was used by every RR. More often than not, heavyweight cars did NOT have yellow paint, just Pullman green, as it was disasterous to paint cars with bright colors during the steam era. Note that the C&NW owned two of the rare 12-2 HW sleepers - these were 12-1's converted to 12-2's , by eliminating the vestibule at the Compartment end, making room for the two bedrooms instead of the single compartment. My personal favorite.
- I believe, only the Omaha line owned any 8-1-2 HW sleepers. The C&NW owned two 8 section, four bedroom, one drawing room HW sleepers which were specifically designed for the route to Rochester's Mayo Clinic - the cars had two doors installed in the side of the hallway, by two of the bedrooms, for easy egress of abulatory patients. These were convered to coaches in the early 50's
- Paired window HW coach, almost ever RR used them including the C&NW.
- Same for 36 seat HW diner.
- 3-2 observation HW is questionable as the C&NW was conservative. The UP probably owned all such cars on the Cities trains.
- 6 - 3 Sleeping car is not likely. Too opulent.
- The Solarium observation HW may have used in the early years, it shows up on early timetables.
- The 70 foot baggage express HW is a possiblility. Not sure. More likely, 64' baggage or 64' express.
- 10-1-2 sleepers were common. Just remember that most of the time the HW's were all Pullman green, with NO yellow - yellow only after total dieselization, if there were any left. After the breakup with UP, the C&NW had enough streamlined sleepers to cover their limited number of overnight trains.
- 6-6-4 Sleeper in the "late" scheme, i.e. no black waist line, no green skirts, is OK.