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General discussion about locomotives, rolling stock, and equipment

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archive.org is a goldmine of old resource material.

Carlisle joint station, and approaches from north, south, east, & west, including Saint Nicholas level crossing and Crown street junction : instructions to signalmen, drivers, guards, breaksmen, & others 1865

https://archive.org/details/carlislejoi ... m+whistles

Catalogue "B", pumps and hydraulic machinery for every service ..
by Goulds Manufacturing Co 1900

https://archive.org/details/cataloguebp ... m+whistles

Practical points, a handbook for... engineers
by Farnum, John S. [from old catalog] 1903

https://archive.org/details/practicalpo ... m+whistles
  by Rick A
Boilers and Radiators. 1919
by Gurney Heater Mfg. Co.
https://archive.org/details/GurneyHeate ... ety+valves

National boilers, radiators, and specialties: catalog no. 26 1920
by National Radiator Company
https://archive.org/details/NationalBoi ... ety+valves

1895 Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of the Lunkenheimer Company
by Lunkenheimer Co.
https://archive.org/details/Lunkenheime ... ety+valves

Safety-valves; their history, antecedents, invention and calculation 1892
by Le Van, William Barnet,
https://archive.org/details/safetyvalve ... ety+valves

The complete line. 1914
by United States Radiator Corporation
https://archive.org/details/UnitedState ... ety+valves

Illustrated catalogue A 1900
by Chandler pump co., Cedar Rapids, Ia. [from old catalog]
https://archive.org/details/illustrated ... ety+valves

Illustrated catalogue of English brothers 1884
by English brothers, Kansas City. [from old catalog]
https://archive.org/details/illustrated ... ety+valves
  by Rick A
Consolidated pop safety valves : 1910
by Consolidated Safety Valve Co. New York
https://archive.org/details/consolidate ... ety+valves

Safety-valves 1875
by Richard Hooker Buel
https://archive.org/details/safetyvalve ... ety+valves

Steam Boilers And Equipment 1928
by C B Lindstorm
https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dl ... ety+valves

Boilermakers Marine and Land 1906
by Traill, T. W.
https://archive.org/details/boilermaker ... ety+valves

An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Steam Engine: Comprising a General View of the ... 1822
by Charles Frederick Partington
https://archive.org/details/anhistorica ... ety+valves
  by Rick A
Steam-boilers; their theory and design 1905
Parsons, Harry de Berkeley,
https://archive.org/details/steamboiler ... am+boilers

Guide posts on the engineer's journey, ill. by numerous engravings and containing many useful tables 1889
by Tower, George Bates Nichols
https://archive.org/details/guidepostso ... am+boilers

Page boilers: catalogue no. 55 1929
byWM. H. Page Boiler Co.
https://archive.org/details/PageBoilers ... am+boilers

General catalog A: plumbing and heating goods of every description 1910
byWeil Bros.
https://archive.org/details/WeilBrosGen ... e+fittings
  by Rick A
Well, we all know where to get parts, now we will all know what to do with them.

Track standards 1910
by Rehm, Norman F., ed

https://archive.org/details/trackstanda ... road+frogs

Practical track work 1915
by Van Auken, Kenneth L 1885-

https://archive.org/details/practicaltr ... road+frogs

The Road-master's Assistant and Section-master's Guide: A Manual of ...1877
by William S. Huntington , Charles Latimer

https://archive.org/details/roadmasters ... road+frogs

The trackman's helper. A pocket companion for track foreman generally ..1891
by Kindelan, Joseph

https://archive.org/details/trackmanshe ... road+frogs
  by Rick A
Here are 3 Sweets catalogues spanning the years 1917-1933. There are many differences between the 3 so check them out.

Sweet engineering catalogues : a file of manufacturers' catalogues of industrial building products, power plant equipment, material handling equipment, factory equipment.
by Sweet's Catalogue service

https://archive.org/details/sweetsengin ... +regulator

https://archive.org/details/SweetsEngin ... catalogues

https://archive.org/details/SweetEngine ... or+catalog
  by Rick A
Steam boilers, engines and turbines 1908
by Walker, Sydney Ferris
https://archive.org/details/steamboiler ... am+engines

Steam And Other Engines 1907
by Duncan J
https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dl ... am+engines

Steam and Its Uses: Including the Steam Engine, the Locomotive, and Steam ...1856
by Dionysius Lardner
https://archive.org/details/steamandits ... am+engines

The Progress of Marine-engineering: 1893
by Thomas Main
https://archive.org/details/progressmar ... am+engines
  by Rick A
he engineer's epitome 1892
by Smith, N[ewton], J. [from old catalog]

https://archive.org/details/engineersep ... team+gauge

Boiler accessories; 1909
by American School of Correspondence; Leland, Walter S. [from old catalog]

https://archive.org/details/boileracces ... team+gauge

Forged steel water-tube marine boilers .. 1914
by Babcock & Wilcox Company

https://archive.org/details/bub_gb_fhaD ... team+gauge

Specifications for triple-expansion twin-screw propelling engines, with boilers and auxiliary machinery, for an armored cruiser about 9100 tons cruising displacement, to make a speed of twenty knots per hour at a displacement of 8150 tons.
by United States. Navy Dept. Bureau of Engineering 1892

https://archive.org/details/specificati ... eam+gauges
  by Rick A
Sheet metal and supply co. - catalogue f.
by Sheet Metal and Supply Co

https://archive.org/details/SheetMetalS ... and+gauges

Handy Notes and Queries : A Manual of Useful Information of Especial Importance to Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware : Southern and Western Edition
by Henry Hopkins & Co.1889

https://archive.org/details/HenryHopkin ... and+gauges

Canadian Machinery 1908-39

https://archive.org/details/canadianmac ... and+gauges