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  by BEDT 14
Hello All!

I was visiting family in Niagara Falls, Ontario; and decided to take in a little railfanning. Wound up at CP Welland Yard; Pelham, Ontario.

CP #255 pulled in, and part of the consist was a really old passenger car under shrinkwrap. The crew was friendly enough when I asked, but over the noise I couldn't exactly hear what they said about the car. All I could make out was San or Saint Antique? Anti? Aunty? They said the move was being done on the q.t. (I guess this post invalidates that effort, but my sense of history needs to be fulfilled.)

The car was shrinkwrapped on a ITTX flat 965629. Trucks were not with the car. What I could tell, was the car was of wood construction, has a vaulted clerestory, vestibules painted yellow. The steps were missing and I was able to poke my head in the stair opening for the interior shots. But, the interior was gutted, and with the vestibules painted yellow looked like it was used as a MOW car last.

The only identifying markings I could find were stenciled on the frame of the car below the body: WT 113300 XA 564.

Images may be viewed here: http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/archiv ... x?id=90021

Can anyone out there let me know where the car came from, where it's going and its heritage?

I would greatly appreciate all the help.

All the best!