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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by Jeff Smith
Please, make my job, and the job of the moderators of this forum, easier. Nick, Kaback, and I have enough to do without mediating vendettas.

Cut the crap.


Railfans (disclosure - this is my category):If you're on the railfan side of things, have a little respect and be a little less confrontational and/or critical of the employees. You don't know what it takes to do their job. They take time out of their day to post answers and inside knowledge. You may not agree or like the answer, or even its delivery, but be respectful. These men and women are working stiffs who sometimes perform their duties under intolerable situations, which often includes dealing with the public. If you want the answer wrapped with a nice bow, expect to be disappointed.

Understand they not only have a job to do, but a job to protect. They may not be able to divulge certain information or sources. Use their answers to educate yourself. When I joined this board, I had incredibly wrong preconceptions on how things work, and what was practical. I've used those answers to think of alternatives, and gain a better understanding.

Railroaders:Show a little tolerance of railfans. The flip side of the argument is they don't have your inside knowledge of the working of things. I was there, and still am on a lot of railroad subjects. I do have a much better understanding now, thanks to your sharing of knowledge. I understand its frustrating when what you perceive to be amateurs (and in many cases rightfully so) give you grief when you know better. That's not an excuse for belittling them.

ALL: Keep in mind it's often the response that gets penalized (watch a hockey game; the ref misses the cross-check, but penalizes the retaliatory boarding). Name calling and inferences of inferior intelligence will be frowned upon. However, understand, that it's not always flowers, rainbows, Lucky Charms and leprachauns in here. This isn't World Cup Soccer - no dives allowed. This is a working forum for the exchange of information.

I want this thread to be the go-to source for railroad information, whether it's NJT or any other railroad topic. I have heard from too many people who avoid posting here, or even visiting here, due to the unnecessarily hostile and confrontational environment. You have an issue with someone, ignore that person, take it off-line, or use the report function if it's grossly abusive (although some of you use it to excess; see my leprachaun reference). Your call.




I know everyone is very passionate about the topics that are discussed here. I certainly don't want to temper anyone's enthusiasm, but let's leave the playground stuff on the playground. Thanks.
  by Jeff Smith

I thought I'd refresh everyone's memory. This is posted in the Lackawanna thread as well.

I loosened things up not as a criticism of past moderation, but as a way of generating traffic. I let it go last year as a test to see how much rope I needed to feed out. I'm going to discuss it with Nick and Kaback at some point, but it's going to tighten up. Someone who got a little too mouthy just ran afoul of the railroad.net police. Don't take me for someone who will go along with just anything. I ran my platoon this way; violate the trust I put in the forum, and you will find out I can be as hard-a$$ as much as the next guy.