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I received two separate reports of members receiving spam EMAIL from username Fummyana. This user has been deleted, of course. I'm not sure how many folks received such an email (I have not), but if you have, please report it here or to My belief is it was just a rogue, new registration, and not a hack.

As always, you should view any email from unrecognized users with suspicion, not just from and the email function.

My personal preference is not to use or enable the email function in the message board setting. The default is enabled, I believe. Go to your user profile and change your settings to disable this.

If you feel the need to share your personal email address, I would recommend doing it via PM. I keep separate emails, one that I use for "public" sites where registration is required and spam an inevitability. I keep another for friends, another for business. These are consequences of the modern age.

Keep your virus definitions, anti-virus, spy protection, etc. up-to-date. Remember, you click on links at your own peril.

The PM function is restricted for new users. I'm not sure how they managed to get an email through given the restriction placed on new registrations and am investigating this. There have obviously been changes to the functionality here, and I will forward this on to the person who maintains the site.

Spam is a daily battle here. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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