Discussion relating to the B&O up to it's 1972 merger into Chessie System. Visit the B&O Railroad Historical Society for more information. Also discussion of the C&O up to 1972. Visit the C&O Historical Society for more information. Also includes the WM up to 1972. Visit the WM Historical Society for more information.
  by ziggy44
Does anyone have any info on this railroad? It was later purchased by C&O and is used today by CSXT to transport coal from the mines.
  by BaltOhio
Here's a little to start with: The Nicholas, Fayette & Greenbrier was essentially a joint C&O-NYC facility, leased and half-owned by each railroad. As far as I know, it had no equipment of its own, and was operated with NYC and C&O crews, power and other rolling stock. It was a relative latecomer in the area, having been incorporated in 1926 to tap various coal fields in Nicolas County, WV. As best I can tell, full operation began in January 1932. Over the years it was expanded, and as fully developed, the line operated between an NYC connection at Swiss and C&O connection at Meadow Creek, with various branches radiating from an operating center at Rainelle.
  by Aa3rt
The C&O Historical Society offers a book covering the C&O operations of the NF&G. See:

http://www.chessieshop.com/index.php?ma ... ts_id=2098

Somewhere in my "archives" I've retained a copy of an old Railroad Model Craftsman magazine (Or perhaps a photocopy of the article.) on self-propelled passenger cars that includes a mention of a car (And possibly a photograph.) utilized by the NF&G. I don't recall at the moment whether the car was lettered for the NF&G or the owner road(s). I'll look this up when I'm able.

The wife of a former coworker, now in her early 80s, is a West Virginia native from Rainelle and was employed by the NF&G prior to WWII in an office position.
  by BaltOhio
Otto, the RDC service you're thinking of ran from Chareston to Hitop, WV, on a branch fully owned by the NYC.
  by Aa3rt
I believe the line was known as the Kanawha & West Virginia, a little information can be found on pages 1 & 7 in the following link:

  by Otto Vondrak
BaltOhio wrote:Otto, the RDC service you're thinking of ran from Chareston to Hitop, WV, on a branch fully owned by the NYC.
Ah, thank you... I get my NYC West Virginia branches mixed up sometimes!

  by topoboat
I am the owner of a rare functioning M-9 Speeder car that was used on the N F & G railroad. It has the single cyclinder 2 stroke motor of that time period. We restored it to running condition but left the original paint and graphics. Bill Young in Bruceton Mills WV
  by Aa3rt
Reviving this now dormant topic, I never did unearth my photocopy of the RMC where I "thought" this motorcar was mentioned, however the Winter 2011 issue of Classic Trains has an article with the rather ungainly title "Of riding BC&G's Motor B, A Rickety Homebuilt Caboose and Rainelle's 'Streetcar'."

It turns out that there were actually three motorcars operated by the Nicholas, Fayette & Greenbrier, numbered 121-123. Page 75 of Classic Trains contains photos of both the 121 & 122. The photo of the 122 clearly shows the NF&G lettering.