Mexico eyes high speed rail

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Re: High Speed Rail Projects in MEXICO..

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sorry, the article I orginally posted about the yucitan was the wrong one.. but if they do it, it would be good.. I know that the 'tren suburbano' in the mexico city region is the real deal.. one line is already operating.

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Re: High Speed Rail Projects in MEXICO..

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The DF-Guadalajara line was proposed a few years ago, but no progress has been made.

It was proposed around the same time as the Sao Paul-Rio line, which I also thought would never happen, but that project has had the help of the world cup and the olympics to keep it moving.

In Mexico, talks have receded to simply establishing some kind of passenger rail service between the two major cities (DF, Guadalajara), but the only passenger rail under construction is around the capital, both a new metro line and two new commuter rail (electric) lines.

On the other hand, 4 years of no progress is simply regular speed planning, if the USA california line is any indication. When was that proposed, 1970?

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