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Winter PLans

Post by capltd29 »

Anybody got any cool plans for the winter traveling/railfanning season.

I am going to my GRand ma's House in Milwaukee on the train

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Post by njt/mnrrbuff »

Probaly over winter break from college, I might fly to Florida for a few days to Sarasota to see my dad's aunt. Doubt there will be time for railfanning there since there is not so much down in that neck of the woods. Now for the better chances of railfanning, I am thinking about trying out the Acela for the first time from either Newark or New York to Providence. Other railfanning will probaly include riding NJT to various places. I don't know in advance where but I think I will do some North Jersey Coastin to Red Bank, possibly a ride on the River Line, and maybe even a short hop to somewhere in Bergen County.

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Post by trainfreak »

My plans this winter are for weekend railfan trips to CSX's Riverline and a weekend trip during November to Horseshoe Curve.
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Post by mc367 »

Well hopefully chasing a few Plow Trains on Montreal Maine and Atlantic or whatever else they have to offer. And there is also the big train show in Springfeild, Mass at the end of January.

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But right now, hopeing the Red Sox pull though and win game four.
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Post by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050 »

nothing special for me, just staying here on the NEC and trying to get some great snow shots


Post by CNW4404 »

capltd29 you'll pass through my city of kenosha! look out the window to the west for a guy standing trackside wearing a fedora had freezing his butt off to see a stupid train! :-D

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