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does anyone know what BNSF's equipment is like, such as their locomotives, and if anyone knows, can they tell me if they have more new locomotives than older one's, or do they have more older one's than newer one's?
  by wigwagfan
If you do a Google search for "BNSF Roster" you'll be taken to a number of websites that have information on BNSF's complete locomotive roster.

Here's a roster put out by Trains magazine.

BNSF, like the other railroads, operate a vast mix of locomotives of varying ages. Most of the mainline power consists of GE Dash 9-44CW and successor models manufactured from the mid-1990s, with EMD SD70MACs primarily in coal service manufactured from 1993 onwards.

BNSF still has lots of 1970s era SD40-2s (many stored or retired), and local/yard power is still predominately GP38-2 and similar models originally built in the mid-to-late 1970s, along with fleets of GP39s that were rebuilt for BN in the late 1980s/early 1990s using GP30 and GP35 carbodies.

The oldest locomotive in the fleet appears to be three SD9s manufactured between 1954 and 1957 and have dash-3 electrical systems (and presumably 645 power assemblies); and nine SW1200s built 1955-1959 from the Burlington, C&S, NP and GN.
  by Ira
What about the 170 loco's BN has announced they where to add in the 2010 2.4 bill$ spending.
  by wigwagfan
What about them?
  by Ira
Is there any info on when they will be opening bids on building them and if they will only want a few at a time or all 170?

I see BNSF is looking to order 170 Locomotives, does anyone now when they may put out the bid on these ? OK so here they are committed to new locomotives.
BNSF currently expects to spend about $2.1 billion for track, signal systems, structures, and freight cars, and to upgrade technologies, including the unfunded mandate for Positive Train Control approved by Congress in late 2008. BNSF anticipates also acquiring approximately 170 locomotives at a cost of about $320 million.

“For 2010, BNSF currently expects to invest approximately $2.4 billion to ensure our infrastructure remains strong and to improve the efficiency of our operations,” said BNSF Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Matt Rose.

What is your opionion on GE Trans. getting some if not all 170?Ira

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