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  by jbn7474
I will be staying there for the weekend, leaving thurs. night and returning Sun. night. I will take lots of pics on my new camera. Of course I will try to act as un-touristy as I can. Having grown up in a fairly large city I am always aware of my surroundings and try to always act and look like I know where I am going. I love that movie, The Warriors, have seen it a bunch of times and might have to watch it again before I leave for my trip. I will ride in the front car next to the motorman and keep my eyes open at the surroundings out the window and see if it looks like a desirable area or not. I think Flushing and Conney will be the area I hit the most, besides the other things we will be doing around Manhattan. I think I will stay away from the Bronx as I hear some bad things about that area. And I will definitely hit that transit museum for sure.
  by Head-end View
Have a good trip! Let us know how it goes........ :-D
  by jbn7474
Hi all,
I came back from my NYC adventures. My power has been out since last Thurs cause of the big storm we had. I really enjoyed getting around on the subways. I felt very safe and there were plenty of uniformed police at most stations. The NYC subway makes my Boston subway system look like an amusement park. Even though I like the lines here at home, I was very intrigued to ride something new. My favorite was the #7 Flushing line. I managed to ride during rush hour from Times sq on the express route and got the rail fan window. I felt like a kid looking out on this magnificent line. I love how the express track rises above the local tracks. I also rode the Q to Coney Island and explored around there, then took the N back to Manhattan. I rode the some of the other lines going up and downtown. My favorite subway station is Borough Hall as the tile work was great. The New Yorkers were smart with having four tracks downtown and a third express track on the outskirt routes. I just stood there in amazement at how fluid the trains rolled in and out of the stations. I also went to the museum and that was pretty amazing too. I got some pics, but didnt get any good Elevated ones as the weather was bad when I rode that line and it was nightime. I am definitely going back sometime this year when the weather is nicer to explore some of the other lines. I appreciate all the advice and really enjoyed visiting your city.
  by Terrapin Station
jbn7474 wrote:I think I will stay away from the Bronx as I hear some bad things about that area.
That's a shame. There's nothing bad about the Bronx relative to the rest of the city. You missed out on a lot of great subway lines in the Bronx.
  by jbn7474
I am going back there this summer and I will venture to the Bronx. It honestly was hard enough covering the lines I did with the time span I had. That system is so big it would take a solid week to cover most of the lines. I did get to venture through most of mid and southern Manhattan, plus parts of Brooklyn and Queens too.
  by Fan Railer
we'll all be looking forward to the pics and vids you have, i bet they're great!
  by djlong
One of the best parts about a trip I took last year with my fiancee was when we decided to go up to the Bronx Zoo during a weekend NYC trip. We took the subway up and I could see the look on her face as we went through the Bronx - it said "WHERE can there be a ZOO in all this 'urban' stuff?"

To say the least, she was quite pleasantly surprised when we got there.