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  by AmeriKenArtist
Interesting! This may be the start of something new for you!
  by Kamen Rider
the frist thing isn't some much a glitch as a screw up. while the trains normally are good at telling thier location along the line, that is only if the program is swtiched on at the right time, ie, the termnial. 99 time out of 100, the C/R hit the run button at the wrong time. it is fixable en-route, though.
  by bharatr612
Here's a report of some more glitches (with a couple of pics) that I have observed on the R160 E
<correct link below>
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  by bharatr612
While it hasn't been that hard to come across 2 successive R160s on the 'E', I came across 3 in a row late last week. An R160 left WTC just as I was swiping in, but another one appeared in the darkness - with the unmistakable red circled "E". No sooner had I settled in than I heard the characteristic hum of a third one as it entered the adjacent track. Most commuters now have started taking them for granted. That's a long way from 3 months back when a colleague at work thought a "6" train was running on the "E" line!

Also, no further glitches to report! That's a good thing.
  by bharatr612
I spoke too soon - there was a glitch this evening on the E train I was in (in car # 9255). I use the term "glitch" broadly - it could be an operator oversight. The 3 route maps in my car were stuck at 23rd Street even as we arrived at WTC. That was the case in the adjacent car as well. One of the variable message displays in my car was blank while the other had the correct message on. The automated voice was fine.

Just how onerous is it for the operator to keep the maps, variable displays and automated voice in sync?